Know the profile of the leftist politician

The politics it is a science that allows to organize societies to make them governable, offering solutions for a good collective coexistence. It is also seen as the art of negotiating to reconcile interests and make decisions that apply to all members of a state or a nation.

Others define politics as an art or a doctrine concerning the government of the states. A political ideology can be seen in many ways, either as a form of government, such as democracy, or as an economic system, such as capitalism or socialism.

What is a politician?

A politician is someone who deals with activities related to politics and its systems. There are several meanings for the word politician:

  • People linked to the governmental administrative apparatus.
  • Those who, being part of a political party, are elected to carry out activities in public bodies.
  • People associated with groups that develop partisan activities, who may or may not hold any public office.

In many countries, politicians are considered to be representatives of the people, whose main responsibility is the administration of public resources.

The legal system considers that a politician must care for the welfare of citizens, as well as have a professional ethic at the service of the people.

A politician is a recognized member of a government, a person who influences the way a society is run. To do this, he uses his knowledge of how societies develop and evolve and how power should be exercised.

Politicians are people who seek to hold public office, so that from there, their decisions have an impact on society, through the government they represent. They can be elected in various ways, such as elections, appointments, appointments, and in extreme cases, imposed by revolutions or coups.

Types of politicians

A politician aspires to power as a means to achieve other ends or to power itself, to enjoy the prestige it confers. It can live off politics or live for politicsare two ways of making politics a profession.

By living from politics, the person seeks a purpose or a certain economic level for himself, while by living for politics, a meaning of life is sought by helping. The most important qualities that a good politician must have are:

  • Passion and vocation for service.
  • Sense of responsibility and commitment.
  • Measure and equanimity.

Left politics

The The political left considers progress and social equality a priority, through collective rights over individual rights. Therefore, the political left proposes that society has a duty to ensure the protection of the most disadvantaged sectors and guarantee a healthy social balance.

They tend to privilege secular, progressive, egalitarian and intercultural societies, over traditional ones, represented by the political right.

Although social equality is crucial for the political left, it is divided into a variety of ideological currents, seeking proportionality between all these elements. These streams can be grouped into: democratic-reformist left, revolutionary left Y anarchism.

Democratic-reformist left

The democratic-reformist left is framed within the western democratic systems and defends its values.

It is not linked to dictatorial political systems or any theory that inspires them and within the political left it is the mainstream.

Its main framework for action are free elections, the action of parliament and progressive reforms with the consensus of the social sectors. The most prominent within this political ideology are the Social democracy
and the Eurocommunism.

Revolutionary left

The revolutionary left began through armed insurgent groups and extreme left guerrillas, which is why they are also known as the radical left.

That is to say, within it the left wing of the guerrillas fit, which prevailed and still prevail in several countries. Because these branches of the revolutionary left question both liberal democracy and the capitalist system, by whatever method. These branches are called extreme left or ultra-left and within the political left they are a minority current.

At present, these political forces are organized into political parties and use democracy, to achieve a change where socialism prevails. The most outstanding within this political ideology are the Marxism-Leninism, the Maoism, the Trotskyism and the Libertarian socialism.


Anarchism is a political ideology that promulgates the disappearance of the State and everything that represents it. Advocates for individual freedom and prohibits representative democracy because it considers it null and void individual freedom.

Although, historically, anarchism has been linked to the political left, anarchists do not consider themselves part of it. The most outstanding within this political ideology are the Mutualism, the Collectivism, the Libertarian communism and the Individualist anarchism.

Profile of the leftist politician

Based on the fact that politics is a way of governing states or nations and a politician is a representative of the people to achieve that governance. As well as the fact that the political left encompasses all political movements based on social equality.

So the profile of the leftist politician must consider the following:

  • Guarantee that the forms of government under the Left politics allow state or nation governance, with emphasis on the social welfare.
  • Be committed to achieving the progress and of the social equality for the group it represents.
  • Have a track record of social and community work in non-governmental organizations or through associations or public institutions.
  • Develop activities that allow safeguard the general interest of citizens and stay within a professional ethic of service to the people.
  • Has to live for politics, in such a way that he gives meaning to his life by putting it at the service of others.

In short, the profile of leftist politician It must guarantee a performance in harmony with the ideals it professes and for which it has gained adherents.

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