Kingdom hearts 3: secret tips and tricks

As Disney and Pixar fans, we know that playing Kingdom Hearts 3 means more than a hobby. It is the experience of living with famous characters in a combat adventure.

Defend together with Sara, the value of love, fighting against mythological species with the tricks revealed below. No world will be able to defeat you!

Kingdom hearts 3

With a fascinating story, Kingdom Hearts 3 captivated thousands of players in 2002 who found something different. So is, This video game is a fighting saga where the main objective is to maintain love and friendship.

The plot is carried out by a girl named Sara, who is accompanied by other characters. They all travel together to different Disney and Pixar worlds to destroy evil beings.

Really, these guys will face anything that destroys or hinders the free feeling of love. Friendship is what they are now trying to defend!

However, the small battles will be transformed by a dangerous war. It is a total invasion of the universe that will exhaust the forces of Sara and her friends Goofy and Donald. This is where players must exercise power and attack techniques to defeat the enemies of the video game.

With more than 15 years, this video game continues to fascinate the experts of the gamer. Every day, many want to play it and save the universe. So it is not too much, to know some tricks that will favor the play.

What are the levels of the game?

Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One. Built-in design allows users to feel inexplicable and real emotion. Therefore, when the game progresses and new worlds are opened, it is difficult to leave the battle.

In the following list, you will see the levels that the game has developed and you must face:

  • The olimpus
  • Kingdom of darkness
  • Twilight villa
  • Toy box
  • Monstropolis
  • 100 Acre Forest
  • Arendelle
  • Caribbean
  • San Fransokyo
  • Kingdom of darkness 2
  • Starting land
  • Necropolis of the Keyblades
  • Scala and caelum.

Clearly, each world presents a challenge that is difficult to overcome, but not impossible, when using strategies.

The opponents, generally, are characters that you may have seen in movies produced by Disney. Others are mythological in appearance, commonly used in this kind of video game.

Tricks and tips

One of the latest novelties of the game, devised by the creators is the fortune bearers. In other words, Mickey-shaped elements with the power to unlock some secrets.

To collect them, it is important to visualize each world in depth. Then, with Sara’s help, they should be photographed using the gumíphone camera. Depending on the total, the difficulties of the level will decrease.

On the other hand, the game presents a number of photographs in which certain missions are explained. You must pay attention to the steps and fulfill them efficiently. In this way, you will receive items of great value for the next battles.

Don’t lose your head when you can’t unlock a level. As the leader of the Kingdom Hearts 3 team, you have the ability to overcome any problem. It should be noted the importance of choosing the correct forms of defense. Study the scenarios and apply the safest strategies.

Master Sara’s skills

As the main character, Sara has different skills from which you can defend yourself and overcome trials. However, there is one you need to know when playing Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s about the lock in times of danger. By activating this option, you can stop any unforeseen attack and advance in the game.

Power a single defense

Players, we intend to use various forms of attack. As we mentioned earlier, blocking requires practice and concentration. If you want to enhance it, opt for swords or other objects of defense. Work as a team so that together they achieve great victories.


In the excitement of the game, you probably forget to take care of yourself with the available weapons. So, you always need to keep Autofinish activated. This is a way of attacking enemies, and not letting them pass.

Take advantage of the ice

As you progress through the game, the levels will get more complicated. Moving will be one of the faculties that you must also handle. It is because of that When you shoot the line, take advantage of gliding and get to the place quickly.

Replace the swords

At the end of the game, you will get a sword that is the indication of a true victory. However, in the course of the game you will earn many mini swords full of fantastic abilities.

Perhaps, you fall in love with one in particular like many other players and this is not the right thing to do. You need to know the maneuvers of each sword, because they all await a skill that can help you level up.

Battle portals

The more victories and trophies you obtain, the game will provide relevant information about the plot. As you pass the tests, data such as characteristics of the different worlds, characters and other things begin to be revealed.

Without a doubt, knowing these elements allows greater advantages in the game. You will be aware of what is coming and ready to go into combat So avoid losing and get hold of the evidence!

Increase performance with Ratatouille food

Check the statistics. What is the performance? Can you keep fighting? In case you observe low fighting forces, feel free to consume Ratatouille’s food.

Gumi Ship

The game incorporates a space assembly task, it is about the Gumi ship. Even if it represents one of the most important elements, stay calm. Its manufacture requires time and dedication. In fact, many try to risk the entire game on it, ending up in the abyss. The idea is to get a perfect ship capable of traveling the worlds.

Kick, turn, hit!

Game projections contain a variety of animations intended to help you get through fights. Many of the villains will attack and you will not notice. They may apply special skills that you do not know. Hence, you must use all kinds of defense.

Kingdom hearts 3 is fair, you will also have the ability to perform maneuvers that will prevent an attack.

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