Jurassic World 3: everything you know about the movie

3 years ago, the license to use the Jurassic Park brand had been completely left to its own devices. The quality of the latest productions declined and, although the third edition, Jurassic World 3, was successful at the box office, it was not even close to the figures of its predecessors.

The production of Jurassic World began on August 30, 2000 and its debut was consummated on July 16, 2001. Despite the lack of enthusiasm in the opinions received from specialized critics, the film achieved relative success in the box office, reaching $ 368 million globally.

Even so, it is considered a story of great relevance that would have meant so much to most of us, as well as to the current generation of directors and any movie fan, that it could not be relegated, especially now, when Disney decided to launch a lifeline to Star wars

If you like these blockbusters, continue reading this article that we have titled Jurassic World 3: everything that is known about the film. It is very interesting.

The Jurassic World saga

Colin Trevorrow was the one who engineered the whole story in conjunction with Steven Spielberg, as executive producer, managing to conceive a feature film that not only surprised by sneaking into the top 10 of the highest grossing films in history, but was the one that started a unique trilogy. In its second edition, Jurassic World: the fallen kingdom, some of the original figures were reinstated and a space was opened to the Spanish director, JA Bayona, to take the box office by storm.

In the latest installment you can enjoy the original cast of Jurassic Park. Frank Marshall, its producer, in fact, called the film Jurassic Park 6 and also commented: “We have found a way to show why Ellie, Malcolm and Grant returned to the park the same day it fell apart again.” This next film allows the characters to be part of the story again in an organic way.

Bryce Dallas Howard, after reading the script, has expressed the following: “The script is great and its reading is electrifying. My husband was able to read it anyway, as Colin Trevorrow authorized us and we spent the whole time excitedly growling, rraaaggh ‘. It was most exciting because we were all elated to work together again. ”

Jurassic World 3: Dominion, no release date

To see the dinosaurs on the big screen again, you will have to wait a few more years. On the agenda for upcoming releases, Universal has scheduled the third part of the latest trilogy between a new Pixar project and a new Disney realistic action film. Specifically, the Jurassic World Dominion debut date has been raised for June 10, 2022, but it is not yet confirmed.

This category of films, with a lot of post-production, generally take time, considering that the addition of effects is a very meticulous operation with a very high budget. Filming is just beginning, but obviously, due to restrictions due to the Coronavirus, it has not yet been defined when it will resume, and if it will be completed in time for its premiere to be as scheduled.


Universal, which had already secured itself as the producer of the feature film, has not yet exposed any details of the plot, since, for now, the libretto has been written by Colin Trevorrow (who will also serve as director) and Emily Carmichael, who also wrote Pacific rim: uprising and the remake of The Black Abyss.

The second part bequeathed us a completely new perspective that fans had already demanded for a long time: what would happen if the dinosaurs escape and move around the planet? This panorama was proposed by JA Bayona, making it clear what was wanted to finish the trilogy, putting aside the islands to make a presence in the city.

Claire and Owen, we presume, will try to locate the missing creatures, but it is known that the assignment will not be easy at all. On the other hand, there are two other pending issues: first, the possibility that Owen and the velociraptor Blue will meet again. And second, the return of the figures from the first trilogy. If you already had the chance to see Ian Malcolm in the last one, wouldn’t the reappearance of Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant be enough to bring order?

Colin Trevorrow, commented a few months ago about the upcoming film and provided certain details: “I believe that what has been done so far has been enough so that, in the third installment, we can include themes and ideas that show children that science, behind of the film, it is true, that the creatures are true, and that everything has not been invented. Additionally, he confirmed that more dinosaur mixes will appear.

Although a few months ago it was conjectured about the possible arrival to space of extinct animals or the devastation of cities by huge creatures, it is still true that Colin Trevorrow has clarified the doubts: “I do not think there is any reason why dinosaurs terrorize a city. They do not have the capacity to organize. For now, deadly predators will be available in the suburbs of cities around the globe. ”

“They don’t go hunting for men in urbanized areas. I am often moved by a world in which there is the possibility that a dinosaur will appear in front of a car on a cloudy road or attack a camping trip in search of food. A world where interacting with these beings is not very feasible but possible, in the same way that we attend to bears or sharks ”, he pointed out.

In stills from the filming, Lockwood’s granddaughter-clone Maisie has been seen again in a snowy place. Does this mean that dinosaurs will know snow? This film will also be the beginning of an era, as Frank Marshall has stated: “It is the beginning of a new era. The dinosaurs are on the earth by our side and I estimate that they will stay for a long time ”.


To date, the only ones who of course will return are Chris Pratt, in the role of Owen, Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire and Isabella Sermon, playing the role of Maisie, Lockwood’s granddaughter-clone.

Much has been speculated on the likely return of the figures from the first trilogy, particularly after the short appearance of Jeff Goldblum in the second edition. In it, Bryce Dallas Howard, expressly requested that they return to this third installment, because they were considered a fundamental part of the Jurassic Park chronology, but as always, even being in such a preliminary stage of the project, nothing can be corroborated .

The one you are most likely to see again is the malevolent geneticist Henry Wu, who has played an essential part in the latest trilogy, devising both hybrids: the Indominus Rex and the Indoraptor.

The return of the original trio has also been confirmed: Sam Neill (Dr. Allan Grant), Laura Dern (Dr. Ellie Sattler) and Jeff Goldblum (Ian Malcolm). You can even see again the children who starred in the original version, Lex and Tim, whose interpretation was in charge of Joe Mazzello and Ariana Richards.

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