Joker 2: everything that is known about the possible sequel to the film

Whoever enjoyed Joker’s successful run in theaters, despite, or perhaps, due to the intense debate about the film’s violence, is definitely awaiting whether we will see Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck again, in a sequel. of this shocking production, and it is that we actually have important questions about a possible Joker 2.

Initially, tAll the signs pointed out that he would not do a second part, mainly because co-writer / director Todd Phillips scrapped it. In fairly precise terms he explained that they had no plans for a continuation of this story because the film was not conceived with that idea. Nevertheless, a billion dollar box office can open up other possibilities.

Is Joker 2 confirmed?

Even with the fame obtained by Joker, the possible sequel to the film is a subject that is under discussion. The latest news indicates that it would be in development, however, nothing has been officially confirmed.

The Joker is one of the most popular comic book antagonists in pop culture history, brought to life by such fine actors as César Romero, in the 1960s, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and Jared Leto. Nonetheless, many people were surprised by the astonishing commercial success of Todd Phillips’ daring reinvention.

The R-rated drama grossed more than $ 1 billion at the World Cup and secured eleven Oscar nominations, taking home two statuettes, one of which went to Joaquin Phoenix, for his riveting performance.

After receiving a lot of attention and much controversy, Joker became an extraordinary success, even despite divisive reviews. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before the inevitable continuation of the tape came into play. While Phoenix and Phillips envisioned their movie as a standalone story, that hasn’t stopped sequels from happening before.

In fact, it has been reported that there is interest from Warner Bros to do a second part to this story, but that also raises some questions. Here are some serious questions we have from Joker 2.

Are you really working on Joker 2 yet?

Beyond the fact that all film productions are suspended for the moment, amid a global pandemic, the sequel still has no official green light, so it is not clear if they are working on it.

While there were initial reports indicating that Joker 2 is almost a fact, they were apparently exaggerated. But Phillips admits that he discussed the idea with WB and considered it a possibility. If that’s the case, we may have a sequel, but in about five years or more, at least, and that’s only if all parties involved agree to continue.

Will Todd Phillips participate or will he just oversee the project?

Although the director was reluctant to make a Joker sequel, he seems to be thinking about that idea lately. Although stakeholders have gathered, it is not known whether it is to make a sequel to Joker or to produce other independent DC films, under the DC Black label.

Would Joker 2 be a direct sequel to the first movie?

With so few details, currently nothing is certain, Joker 2 is the hypothetical title, surely the continuation adopts a completely different name. In fact, there is a possibility that this potential sequel is not a direct sequel at all, it could be considered more as the next installment in a film anthology series, following a new DC character.

Will Joker 2 have an antagonistic figure in addition to the Joker?

At the end of Joker, Arthur Fleck fully embraced his crime clown role, wearing makeup and his unique laugh. Arthur is now gone and gives way to the deranged Joker, fully embracing the villainous lifestyle, full of dark tendencies and fantasies.

From any reasonable point of view, Fleck is now a baddie with many problems, given his tragic history. We can hardly think of an antagonist even more soulless and destructive than the central character.However, in the cinema everything can happen.

Will other DC characters appear throughout the movie?

With the exception of our main character and the Wayne family, most of the figures seen in Joker were either made up for the movie or weren’t important to DC. The focus is on the twisted comic book character in a brave and solid way.

But with the possibility of a sequel on the horizon, Joker 2 could introduce other personifications of DC, possibly more villains – for example, we could meet another version of Harley Quinn, Harvey Dent or Catwoman.

With an image of Arthur Fleck, in an asylum, at the end of Joker, trying to escape, we may be introduced to some DC figures, crazy and confined under the same roof as him.

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