How to start playing Minecraft? Recommendations for beginners

If you want to start playing Minecraft, you must know the various commands and game modes. It is a title that can be enjoyed on various platforms, such as Android, PS3, Xbox One, Wii U, PS4, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox 360, Ps Vita, among others.

It is a delivery of exploration and adventure, whose main attraction is to activate creativity.

What you should know before you start playing Minecraft

As in any game, every beginner must prepare himself on the story and the content. Therefore, before starting to play Minecraft, it is necessary to know what the commands or tricks used. In addition to the various modes, controls, processes and materials used.

Commands or tricks

Like other computer games of this style, Minecraft lets you use console commands in certain versions. Which is important for the activation of certain tricks that allow you to find endless elements. Such as materials, gold, infinite objects, enemies, invincible mode, among others.

Creative mode

When you start your first game, you probably don’t have any worlds yet. The first thing you should do before starting to play Minecraft is go to the main menu. At this point, it is best to apply Creative Mode. This is how you leave the option of using seeds for later.

The best thing about this tactic is that you have full freedom. Similarly, enemies are not to worry about and resources are unlimited. This was done thinking that you familiarize yourself with the video game controls and the functionality of these worlds.

Although you have the alternative to devise lush structures, it is better not to complicate yourself. We recommend that you first learn with simple shelters, small houses and caves where you can take shelter. After you learn what it takes, take a chance to do great things.

Survival mode

After starting to play Minecraft and knowing all the basic controls, it is time to enter the world of adventures. It is about the survival technique, things in this place are very different, in relation to creation. This because of there are powerful enemies like NPCs or really aggressive creatures.

It is important that you keep in mind that at any time you can deactivate the enemies. Which is done in the “options menu” section and proceeds to completely minimize the difficulty.

However, when you do this you may not enjoy the whole game. But you can activate the option until you have the resources to battle. Remember that just as you lowered the difficulty, you can raise it again.


When you start playing Minecraft you should know that the main thing is to find objects for manufacture. The materials depend on the type of area you are in. In the case of this, the zones are called biomes and there is very little information available in this regard.

The biome of a small island has low resources, it is practically a desert that does not have much to offer. What is achieved is lots of wood to collect, because almost the entire extension is forest.

Minerals are more difficult to collect. The time taken to get them out they will depend on the type of pick you use. Also, for you to generate said block of mineral, you will have to have several units of the element. These in turn are transformed into ingots, which will be what you really need to create the objects.

Among the most used materials are:

To make tools and armor

If you want to make tools or armor, you will need diamond, gold, or iron. With them you can make axes, swords, pickaxes and hoes,


Its main purpose is to transmit electricity. In that sense, you can make mechanisms, circuits and constructions. For example: clocks, compasses, pistons, dispensers or musical blocks.


Coal is one of the most used materials. It is used to generate fuel for the smoker, oven, torches, campfires and charcoal blocks.


With gold it is possible to make blocks, clocks, plates, propellants, netherite ingots. In addition, it is useful to make changes for other objects with the Piglins.


It is a material a little more complicated to gather than the rest of the existing ones. To achieve this, you will have to have certain conditions required. The first one is having a diamond pickaxe, it is the ideal item to break and collect.

There is also an alternative to win obsidians artificially and this is the most widely implemented. In that sense, when you start playing Minecraft, you should locate a lava fountain. These are located in underground places and caves.

With the use of iron ingot build buckets, this object will be useful to collect the lava. You require one bucket for each block of obsidian you want to create.

Later, make a hole in the ground, make sure it is not a flammable area. Also, you have to be a couple of blocks away from the surface because they can catch fire from lava. Add the buckets in the hole, but be careful not to fall by accident.

Finally, it would only be left that you add water on top of the lava and it will immediately turn into obsidian. After this, you can deepen your excavations, maintaining the procedure. In order to obtain this material in greater quantities.

Crafting process

When you start playing Minecraft You will have to create armor, weapons, tools and objects. They will be of great help to you to progress in your trips. The main measure will be to build a creation table, it is essential for the generation of new elements.

Locate the inventory tab in the menu, and select “creation table.” Start with placing 4 wooden blocks, so that you form a square underneath and in the corner. After that, all your creations and relevant objects will be made in that place.

Food and hunger

The Minecraft system features a starvation process, among survival techniques. Characters need to feed frequently so they won’t starve. In Creative or Low Difficulty mode, this type of skill is not experienced. Only appears when you play under the survival world.

When you need to eat, you just have to use the item from the inventory like any other. If you don’t have food and need to get it, farm, go fishing, or slaughter animals.

Foods are not all the same, you will always have to check the saturation value. In this way, you will have information on which one will fill you up faster. Cooked foods are more filling than raw foods. If you eat rotten, spoiled or poisoned meat, you will obviously die.

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