How to record and edit gameplay videos?

Many avid gamers love to show off their video game success and share video clips with recordings of gameplay. The videos show the virtual victories of the player with all his tricks. And although such videos are already innumerable on YouTube, not all users know how to record a gameplay quickly and accurately. Of course, to do this, you will need special software with the ability to record your screen. Now we will tell you what programs exist to capture screen and how to record a colorful and visual video of the passage of your favorite game.

The 6 best programs to record video games and gameplays on your PC


Many players say that FRAPS is the best program to record video games on Windows. Although the program is out of date, since it has not received patches or updates since February 26, 2013. FRAPS is not designed for streaming and offers little configuration, the program simply takes screenshots and records game videos. But the video captures are still excellent. The developers of FRAPS have implemented a special codec in the program, which practically does not load the computer processor. Because of this, during the recording process, your game does not freeze or slow down. The program records high-quality videos, but the video is heavy and takes up a lot of space on your hard drive.

MSI Afterburner

Afterburner is a free and feature-rich application that allows you to record video without compression and has many useful settings (frame size, video codec, etc.). However, you will need time to understand how it works.

(OBS) Open Broadcaster Software

One of the main advantages of OBS is that the application allows you to customize all the nuances of the stream yourself: the way the video is processed (using a video card or processor), the codecs used, etc. If you choose high-quality processing with H.264 codecs through the processor, keep in mind that you need at least a 6-core CPU (or better 12-core).

Since OBS is specifically designed for streaming, creating screenshots with this program is not very convenient, but it records and streams video perfectly. This is useful if you want to simultaneously record video from multiple sources (for example, from the desktop and from a webcam). Like Afterburner, OBS is a nice free addition to your app selection.

Nvidia ShadowPlay

With Shadowplay, you can capture desktop and record full-screen game video, as well as do video streaming. The main advantage of ShadowPlay is that the application uses the power of the video card (Nvenc) for video processing and virtually does not load the processor. Some games are not supported (for example, games for the platform UWP), but others run without a problem. The options for streaming settings are also a bit limited, however if you have an Nvidia video card you should give this app a try. You are likely to be satisfied with the proposed functionality.

Windows Game DVR

If you are using Windows 10, this program is already installed by default. Its main unconditional advantage is that it supports games for UWP (unlike other applications), but its functionality, unfortunately, is very limited. Video recording (which is started with a Win + Alt + R key combination) allows you to create video clips with a frame rate of 30 or 60 fps in standard (720p) or high (1080p) resolution with the bit rate of selected audio. But keep in mind that recording takes a heavy toll on the processor, and if it’s not the most powerful PC, even 720p movie making will be quite troublesome. The main disadvantage of Windows Game DVR (except for limited functionality) is the lack of support for video cards. Video processing is done with the use of processor power, so the program is far inferior to ShadowPlay. So, if you decide to shoot game video in 1080p format at 60fps, running on a quad-core processor, you are in for a nasty surprise. But for quick game screenshots (a combination of Win + Alt + PrtScn), the utility is quite adequate.


When choosing shows to record games, many fans overlook the show Bandicam due to the high price, preferring cheaper options like ShadowPlay and OBS. But the cost of Bandicam is fully justified by the unique features and an incredibly easy-to-use interface that should appeal to users creating large amounts of video content. In addition to the standard settings, Bandicam offers many streaming modes where you can change the window size if you want. Another benefit is the ability to simultaneously record multiple audio tracks and save them to separate WAV files, allowing you to achieve a volume balance between game sounds and the microphone.

How to edit gameplay videos

If you want to convert your video recordings to another format, as well as reduce their size so that they take up less space on your PC, use the FreeMake Video Converter program. Compress your videos Fraps and save them in format MP4, using this simple program.

Using the Freemake video editor, you can compress a video to the size you need, trim unwanted parts of your recording, and add a cover to your video. Upload your gameplay recordings to YouTube directly from the program. To do this, add your video file to the program, edit it, and enter the output file size. Then click on the round “YouTube” button at the bottom of the window and enter your account details. The tool will automatically transcode your file to a YouTube compatible format and upload the video to your channel. The process will take only a few seconds.

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