How to play The Last of Us part 2: keys to win

If you liked the first installment of this title, surely you want to know how to play The Last of Us part 2. Available for the PS4 platform, it is an adventure game. There you will enjoy Joel and Ellie, in the company of other characters who were also present in the original title.

It is loaded with secrets and collectibles, with a duration of approximately 30 hours. To complete them and finish all the levels you have to know a little about certain tricks and recommendations.

Learn how to play The Last of Us Part 2

This video game will make you experience various emotions such as fear, sadness, tension, happiness, among others. Therefore, if you want to know about how to play The Last of Us Part 2, keep in mind that in Ellie’s adventures riddle rules before action. For this reason, it is important that you think before acting on the handling of the character.

To make the task easier, here are some tips to know how to play The Last of Us Part 2:

Start with the exploration

The most important thing when starting to play The Last of Us 2 is that you explore all the different existing scenarios. With the trophies of the game you can do it, it is about avoiding being eaten by all the enemies.

You may find it boring to search cabinets and drawers in every corner, however this It is important to find upgrade kits for weapons, crafting supplies, and ammunition.

Do not rush

It is essential that you do not go directly to the objective, it is worth studying the entire plane of the game. To find material, break the crystals, they will be located all over the map. You also have to look at the surrounding buildings and shops.

When you find a blocked door, it does not mean that you cannot enter, there will always be the alternative to overcome that obstacle. Remember that however you have to do it, so you will be prepared for the inevitable shootings.

Stealth is the key to the game

When learning how to play The Last of Us Part 2, you have to understand that stealth is the main weapon. After completing an area of ​​the stage without being detected, you will feel an inexplicable sensation. Even though it’s hard work, you cannot stop looking around to find the site that you have to complete.

Never forget that Ellie is dynamic and in this new installment she is more versatile. Crawl or crouch across the stage, after all, what is necessary is to win. You have to hide as you can, either behind barriers, cars and even vegetation.

Distraction objects

To sneak through areas, it is best use bottles and bricks as distractions. Players sometimes forget about this possibility, not knowing how useful they can be. They help you so that the dogs can lose your trail, and distract the enemies, both the infected and the humans.

Remember that on a regular basis you have to clean up the scene. In this way, if an alarm occurs, you will have the fewest opponents behind you. It comes by surprise from behind, and drag them several meters to a place where the other sentries will not detect them.

In the event that your enemies are very close, choose to use aggressive attacks. What’s more, You can also run up to them and confront them so there is no time to set off any alarms.

Armaments and ammunition

In the development of the game The Last of Us 2, emotions have no limits, and the resources obtained are very varied. Human rivals are usually smart, but they attack in one way or another. They will fight, depending on the weaponry you have.

For example, If you have a slow reload weapon or they detect that you are out of ammunition, they will attack you immediately. If these difficulties arise, it is essential that you have a special equipment with melee shots in your inventory.

The guns and battle equipment in the game are numerous and as you progress they will multiply. If the battle cannot be avoided, as advice Plant a bomb in the vicinity and you might not be caught.

Don’t use heavy equipment like rifles and shotguns, just do it if you have no choice. First, try shooting enemies with low-noise weapons, such as silenced pistols or bows.

The infected

To defeat them, you can plan some traps that serve to attract them so that they fall like flies.

Keep in mind that if there is a snapper or wobbler in the area, the task will not be very easy. In relation to stalkers, you should know that they are treacherous, and in the listening mode it is very difficult for them to be precise. To dodge the attacks, do not stop pressing the L1 button.

The crafting branches

In the exploration of the scenarios there is a section called Crafting branches. They will serve to generate the arsenal that will be used in battles. As are the paper, alcohol, blades and other objects found in the different levels that you win.

You also have to be aware that there is a strategic factor in the games. How to determine what the same resources are used for the creation of all defense elements. In this sense, it is important that you value what would be the best for each occasion.

Other elements

When playing The Last of Us Part 2, various combat manuals will be found hidden. In that sense, they will be ideal to specialize in other areas, and will serve to make the adventure more dynamic.

Likewise also you may get some pills in your step that are used to optimize the character’s abilities, they will serve to increase the speed, the resistance and the health at the moment that certain actions are executed.

Workbenches aren’t unnecessary either, and they’re great for weapon upgrades. Likewise, they are effective for reload speed, damage, and cadence.

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