How to play GTA Roleplay

One of the most popular video games in the last decade is Grand Theft Auto V, or as it is commonly called GTA V. With such a significant boom that now it can be played GTA Roleplay, modality that has been of great success.

This is how this mode is inspired by the original universe of the game, but each player occupies a specific role. Well, from robbers to street sweepers they must do their job to maintain the balance of the video game.

Now, we are going to explain what you must do, if you want to participate in this modality. Keep reading!

What is GTA Roleplay like?

The biggest difference between Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Roleplay is how the latter’s name dictates: the roles. Since players can level up and get another character. Something that is not seen in the main installment.

In addition to the gameplay in terms of the performance of the characters, it is important to clarify another point. The point is that Grand Theft Auto Roleplay is not an official mode. But why this?

Players have made the online video game so their own that their enthusiasm led them to create a new version.

In this way, the community has found a way to establish different game patterns that provide a unique experience. Likewise, there are specific rules that are important and you must follow if you want to join.

Technical details required previously

  • As GTA Roleplay was created for your enjoyment around the world, apart from the official software, the access is different.
  • Despite this, it is logical to think that you will need a copy of the main version for PC. That is first.
  • Then have a game client like Grand theft multiplayer will represent an indispensable requirement. At the same time, the GTA V update and entry through the modified clients will be included.
  • By last, you must have a server to start the adventure. But yes, achieving acceptance in one can be difficult. However, if you are careful, follow the rules of the game and establish strategies, you will succeed.

What you need to know to play GTA Roleplay

There are specific codes that are vital to participate in a community of gamers and Grand Theft Auto Roleplay is no exception. It is for this reason that we present a list of what you should take into account:

  • As in everything we do, respect is paramount. And yes, you need to be clear that for your stay in the game to be successful, you must fully respect your teammates.
  • Based on the rule above, the correct use of language is vital. This given that you will have access to a chat to interact. Therefore, it is important to stick to your role and communicate with the rest of the group in a respectful way.
  • The role assigned to you must be performed effectively.
  • Cooperation and be active in every game it will be an element that will add to your passage through the game.
  • Of course, all established rules must be followed.
  • All of this is what will essentially determine your participation.

Servers that will give you access to GTA Roleplay

GTA Roleplay is a mode, a product of the ingenuity of the game community. It is for this reason that several servers are used to participate.

One fact that cannot be denied is that access will often become tedious. However, everything will depend on you following all the steps to enter. Therefore, you will need to be quite careful.

All this explained, let’s see which are the most used Spanish servers in GTA Roleplay:

RolePlay borders

This server is one of the best known and most used. Among all its characteristics, we can tell you that it has automatic hospital, as well as an extraordinary system of traffickers.

Exiles RP

Extremely demanding, regarding your requirements to enter. But already being part of it, the content you will have will be exclusive. You can acquire companies or generate purchases and sales of cars.

RP rebellion

The diversity in their roles is an aspect that differentiates this server. Not only can you have roles as a policeman, but also being a mechanic or even flying airplanes.

And if that was not enough, here you will come across cars that truly resemble those in real life. An attraction impossible to ignore.

Route 66

Perhaps the greatest advantage it presents is that, being new, your access can be simple. In addition, as it is growing, Route 66 will probably give you the best roles from the start.


Their roles are mostly executives, since it is centered in the city. Therefore, the works will go according to this characteristic. And as a bonus, it can hold a good number of players.

The advantages of playing roleplay

GTA V is not the only video game that features roleplay. And it is that through this, each user can live a different experience. Let’s say it is a world parallel to that of the original universe in which each work is essential.

Another detail that likes and excites is that you can choose your own name and surname. But beyond that, you decide what your story will be, thanks to the fact that you will be able to develop the character. Thus, this one will truly resemble you.

As you surely know, the narration is in the third person, and as time passes, you will need to evaluate facts. This means that you must declare or ask questions under a command. To what end? To verify what is happening in your environment and identify characters.

GTA Roleplay is a very interesting modality that continues to add players to the community. The success of the video game is indisputable. Although the issue of servers is somewhat complex, once you access the rest, a wide range of genius is translated.

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