How to Play Destiny 2: Beginner’s Guide

If you are a beginner and looking for a way to know how to play Destiny 2, without dying trying, then this article is for you. This game requires some experience to play and win. Therefore, with some tips or tricks, you will have all the games on track.

It is a galactic story, a first person shooter video game. It was engineered by Bungie in September 2017. First, it was released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Years later it was adapted for the Windows operating system.

Guide to learn how to play Destiny 2

If you want to know how to play Destiny 2, we leave you some more information about the new installment of this exciting saga. It’s a science fiction universe in which you can immerse yourself for a large number of hours. Whether you are playing alone or in company, here are the best recommendations:


The main campaigns of the Destiny 2 video game are diverse, and with these you will be able to learn about its narrative. Most players think that strategy is the fundamental pillar to achieve experiences. Thus, It is important that you collect all the campaigns you can and organize them by launches. In this way, you will know which ones you can use.

The best weapons

When learning how to play Destiny 2, you have to know that the bases of the game are the weapons. There are many and that is why it is important that you know how each of these works. For example, typology, class, damage caused, etc. The best of all are the special stages, but they are very difficult to reach.

Among the most sought are:

  • Izanagi load
  • Repeater by steelfeather
  • The recluse
  • Mountain top
  • Wish ender
  • 21% delirium
  • Riskrunner
  • Fixed odds
  • Hammer head.


It is the best equipment that will allow you to defend yourself against your rivals. In addition, it will make you look with a unique style in front of other players. It is important that you try to collect as many as you can. And this is only achieved by overcoming obstacles and levels.

With each type you will get various pieces that are used to modify skills. These allow you to trade the hunter’s dodge for teleportation. In the Bakris mask feature, you can get to get a new helmet.

On the part of the Titans, they also fight for a special helmet, or valuable scars. Which, after reviving someone, he will protect his player and his partner’s with a shield. Sorcerers are not far behind either, as they have the Alba Choir. It refers to a helmet, which serves to cover the damage of the Dawn.

Xûr the seller

You have to know that this character is relevant when looking for how to play Destiny 2. They are the most elusive and interesting in the game, since they only usually appear few times in the game. Also, they almost always come with interesting objects for the players.

With this new version of Destiny you can find Xur on any planet, because it does not have a unique location. Simply, viewing the map, the star in which it is located will appear. It is important to set the goal, so that it is more comfortable for you to find it.

You will have the alternative of buying 4 rotating pieces of their equipment. Among the items you can purchase are:

  • Merciless Fusion Rifle
  • Wings of Holy Dawn chest armor for sorcerers
  • Titan’s Cursed Fang Shoulder Gloves
  • Flow Raiden chest armor for hunters.

Maximum Light

The light or the power in Destiny in this version, It can be exceeded by reaching over 900. However, this is not an easy task to accomplish. This power can determine how strong you can be and how capable you are to face obstacles.

Season passes

Knowing how to play Destiny 2, you need to know how to use Season Passes. With it, you can earn many rewards for your experience with the plays. To buy it, You will have to previously acquire Silver on the virtual platform of your mobile device.

After that, head over to the Tower Eververse store to buy it. The amount for the acquisition is approximately 10 euros. The rewards you can achieve are:

  • Armor set for each class
  • Exclusive special weapon
  • Armor and weapon skins featuring exclusive gear pieces
  • XP, Lumen bonuses and some advancement bonuses for certain missions
  • Exclusive auction of that pass and season.


These are missions that are carried out between groups of six players. Usually They are used in the most difficult challenges of the video game. You may wonder, can I play it alone? Well Yes you could, but statistically you won’t be able to do them all if you don’t have someone to help you. This type of strategy was designed to be done in a group and is due to the following factors:

  • Special mechanics for the activation of levers. As well as, push the pressure plates to achieve damage or separate the team against the boss. Without groups this would be impossible, it is not because it is complicated, but because it simply cannot be done.
  • Extreme difficulty.

Specifically, they are ideal for building a powerful team. They grant you exclusive access to extraordinary armor and weapons. Similarly, the light levels achieved are higher. This means that Although it is a complicated system to play, it is the most effective.

Find coins

If you find yourself looking for all about how to play Destiny 2, then you should know that coins are of great help. There are different types in this new saga. You can accumulate to gain access to sellers and shops in the game.

Each typology has its different way of obtaining. So the most important thing is that you accumulate as many as you can.

  • Luminous powder: It is a special type of currency that you can trade on the Eververse.
  • Silver coins: it is the currency that is paid with real money.
  • Legend Fragments: You can get it by dismantling the exotic and legendary equipment.
  • Lumen: It is considered the most basic currency in the video game and is the easiest to get.

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