How to play Besiege? Tools and Directions

The first step to understand how to play besiege is to understand that it is a medieval machine building game. By applying physics, it allows players to extend their deepest imaginations, creating powerful and indestructible machines.

With siege weapons and other items, Besige favors the play to kill with them. The graphics are sensational, provoking a real world experience.

How to play Besiege?

Created by Spiderling Studios, Besiege is the type of video game where it allows users to be creative. Here, imagination is a beneficial skill because the goal is to build powerful machines.

The game places the tools necessary for the manufacturing process, be it medieval-looking chariots or tanks. Then these powerful machines must face some missions like attacking castles without losing in the attempt.

Much to the liking of many gamers, the game is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Linux systems. Perhaps, the space and the projections, express a low performance. This characteristic does not prevent the emotion from disappearing. Thanks to its mechanism, it is presented as a wonderful construction game that is incomparable to other similar ones.

Game features

  • Besiege contains 54 levels where you must exploit your imagination, developing incredible machines.
  • Provides individual and comfortable entertainment for the gamer
  • Also, it guarantees the multiplayer option. Destruction is one of the emotions of the game. For this reason, there are battles between war machines.
  • Instead, for fans of completing missions there is the option of teamwork. Playing with friends, a more adventurous environment arises full of armies and conquests.

How to handle system control?

When you start the game, a variety of icons will appear on the screen. Each covers a function, such as:

  • Space: is located at the top of the left side of the screen. Practically, it is an access to pause the work in the game.
  • X: with it it is possible to eliminate any piece that was placed in a bad place. To do this, you need to drag the button to the object and press the X key.
  • Redo: in the case of deleting wrongly, we can opt for the combination (Ctrl + Y).
  • Left mouse button: by pressing this button, we will indicate which parts should be located in the machine.
  • The right button of the mouse– This manipulates the movements of the camera in the game.
  • F: steer the wheels of your manufacture with ease. It is only necessary to select the wheels with the left mouse button and press the F key.
  • OR: Allows the machine or cart to travel through the air quickly.

What is the best address?

When starting manufacturing, you need to incorporate good workmanship and winning mechanism. Therefore, when understanding how to play Besiege it is necessary to know the ways to manage with the following options:

Hinge direction

Despite being a simple directional form, it involves professional maneuvers to control it. Obviously, if you try hard, you will end up mastering this method that provides great advantages.

The title derives from the how wheels are controlled by adjustable hinges. Reason why, it favors a greater flexibility in the play.

Direction of opposite force

This direction is to create a monstrous car that will end everything. One strategy when understanding how to play Besiege and not fail, is the incorporation of wheels with different functions. For example, the inner pair of wheels generates traction, while the outer ones favor turning in a circular way.

It should be noted that the machine built with opposite force will only rotate when it is stopped.

Torque direction

With the even direction we can rotate while there is movement. That’s right, it grants the same opposing force perk, but with an improved version. As you go, you can turn and keep up with your driving pace.

How does this happen? It happens that a wheel full of ballast is established on top of the machine, causing the torque.

Besiege tools

Now that you know how to play Besiege, you are surely wondering what kind of tool is available. First of all, it is important to note that confusion and failure can happen. Although the idea is to win at everything, failing keeps the game fun.

To play in Besiege is to experience real lifel. Actually, each object and tool are similar to those used in a company in charge of manufacturing machines. Also, the projections, sound and traction generate the experience of being in the video game.

In order to avoid the manufacture of inefficient machines, keep in mind the following recommendations:

  • Use wood: Despite being a heavy material and difficult to incorporate, they facilitate the construction process. It is ideal on tall catapults, since they tend to bend.
  • Continue with the metal: After using wood, no doubt, the fabrication with metal materials must be reinforced. Using only wood will cause a weak catapult that in the wind can wobble and fall.
  • Ballast: Due to the number of weapons, weight becomes an issue. However, one trick is to put ballast to the rear. In this way, it will be impossible for it to turn over.

Other objects

Knowing how to play Besiege and its objects will not want to leave the game! And it is that when you discover all the aspects and the environment, you feel passion for creation. As if that were not enough, they place decoration weapons, which are perfect to create an authentic machine. Among the things you can find are ropes, winches, and propellers.

Likewise, you will find automation programs for machines. Decide how to manipulate them, take control of your fabrications without depending on the game system.

In other words, select the keys you want to use to trigger any defense or attack. Adjust parameters like, speed and gun power.

What are the strong challenges of the game?

One of the peculiarities of the game that can be negative, are the controls of a certain task. In these levels, the system throws a mission in which you must develop according to the demands of Besiege.

There is no doubt that manufacturing according to the parameters of the game is difficult when we do not have the tools. Flying machines are one of the downsides.

Try to adapt what you have by reviewing plans. Thus, you will comply with the rules of the game.

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