How to play Among us !? Steps to download on PC for free

Thriller and crime games always attract the attention of many gamer. Today, Among Us represents that murder game that even influencers want to play. Learn how to play Among Us! You will not regret its mechanism.

How to play Among us !: Free PC version

Among us! It can be downloaded for free on Smartphone with iOS or Android operating systems. This aspect is fantastic, because the mobile is one of the elementary devices in our daily life. What is the same, it allows greater ease of access and entertainment all day.

On the other hand, downloading on computers requires approximately 3.99 euros. This situation limits many users from being able to play from the PC.

The good news is that you can get a free download. It is only necessary to fulfill a series of steps, such as:

  • Have an Android emulator.
  • Have a specialized program to simulate an Android mobile inside a computer. For example, BlueStacks or Memu Play.
  • After downloading the program, a Google account must be accessed
  • Download “Among us free for Android” in the Play Store through the emulator.
  • Open the app and verify its complete download.
  • In this way, playing in Among us! Since PC will not at all mean the action of a disbursement.

How to play amog us! The favorite game of many influencers

Among Us! It is launched on the market in 2018. Today, it is very popular due to the fact that it is played by influencers such as Ibai and Rubius. These have been in charge of mentioning the exciting of the game and its peculiarities, arousing the curiosity of thousands of users.

As a general rule, the number of participants is from 4 to 10 players. All are located in a spaceship, the fact is that within the group someone is the so-called impostor. Hence it is identified with the peculiar title “Among Us” (between us).

The crew must be careful, because the impostor will try to assassinate each one without compassion and in a cautious way. Of course the assignments are done in secret. When connecting with the game platform, the system will select two imposters who will know their roles during the flight. Now, the other crew members will not know who the murderer is called “normal players”.

If you are not assigned as one of the imposters, you will need to complete a series of activities. Each task, with the aim of ejecting the assassins from the ship.

Strategies to be used by crew members

As crew members, protecting life in the game is a difficult task. So you need to know some methods as you will certainly get this role in the game.


Being on a ship saving your life and that of others, it is necessary that you seek to cooperate in the attempts to capture the impostor. It is clear that during the game any crew member can be the killer, but if you do not perform the tasks you can die.

Complete the job

Obviously, when we play we must be alert and active before any activity. If you neglect your role in the game, you will lose power and easily be defeated.

In order for you to observe your performance, the platform reflects a task bar that will fill up when you complete an activity. The victory of the crew depends on getting a bar with 100%.

Surveillance cameras

As you learn how to play Among us, you discover a variety of options set in the system. One of them is the surveillance cameras, these favor a broader view of the ship. So it is an advantage to follow the traces of the real imposter Take advantage of every camera and don’t let the killer escape from the game!

Drinking Strategies Employing Imposters

There is no doubt that playing as an imposter represents a fun out of place. Attacking the crew is one of the actions that many influencers want to experience. However, to win you must concentrate and apply certain tricks like the crew.

Camouflage between crew members

In the event that you are assigned as an imposter, the key to success is pretend to be just another crew member. Perform the tasks with total naturalness, show that you also want to catch the imposter. So in the play, you kill the characters without raising any suspicions.

Find where to hide

On the ship, there are places like conduits that are perfect for hiding. In addition, holes such as ventilation sites, serve as a safeguard when someone begins to suspect a crew member.

Inside the grids, you can attack one of the crew from behind. In short, hiding is not everything if you do not make sure that no one watches your steps.

Raises doubts

Perhaps, at some point, a crew member will look at you and at the same time, can point to you as the impostor. If this happens, apply a psychological game. That is to say, lies and accuses the accuser.

Practice as an impostor

Previously, certain techniques have been exposed on how to play Among Us, being a crew member or an impostor. However, the role of imposter requires solid advice and consistent practice to ensure victory.

Before starting the game, Dedicate yourself to reinforcing your skills in the imposter “free mode” section. To enter, you need to do the following:

  • When you enter to practice, locate the central computer. This system facilitates the control of the game and the mode of interaction.
  • Then, click on the word “Customize”
  • Proceed with another click, this time on the document “Be_Impostor.exe”
  • Finally, you will pretend to be the impostor.

The interesting role of the characters

Whether as an imposter or a crew member, Among Us is an exciting game for new and old users. Being the murderer and not being discovered is one of the actions that everyone wants to perform. On the other hand, adopting the role of victim generates fear and suspense in the crew. Both require effort, not to end up losing.

Therefore, if you obtain a character, show your skills and do not allow yourself to lose. Make sure you defeat no matter what role you play.

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