How to get the Fortnite Merry Mint Pickaxe

Players around the world are frantically searching for Fornite’s new Christmas cosmetic, the famous Pico Merry Mint. The enigmatic article was first revealed by dataminers, and is not available in-game, so it is not possible to obtain it on a regular basis in your locker.

Detailed in a blog post from Epic games, the Merry Mint Peak can only be obtained by purchasing the officially licensed Fortnite code from select retailers in the USA, France, Germany and the UK.

Right now, only retailer GameStop is the only one where players have been able to get a code from the Pico Merry Mint, but we may see it at retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and more. At the moment it is not possible to buy this code in SpainTherefore, you must go to the countries indicated above.

How to get the Merry Mint Peak

So far, we’ve only seen GameStop publicly announce that it will deliver the Pico Merry Mint with the purchase of the official Fortnite code. The video game retailer confirmed in a tweet that the promotion had been available since early November.

Many offers have been seen on social media, particularly on Twitter and YouTube. We do not recommend participating in these giveaways because there is a possibility that they are scams. Only purchase items from a trusted source. You may see your favorite YouTube channel or Twitch Streamer handing out codes, and in this case, participation will be safe!

Codes for the Pico Merry Mint may be found at additional stores outside of GameStop, such as Walmart and Best Buy. Before purchasing any Fortnite item, always confirm with your local store if they are offering that promotion in question.

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