How to choose the spark plugs for your car

Select the spark plugs suitable for a car It is a somewhat complex task, mainly because it is necessary to take into account some technical criteria, to know the operation of the engine and its characteristics.

Spark plugs are essential to the operation of a car. For this reason, we will explain in a simplified way the operation of a spark plug, so that in this way it is easier to choose the most suitable one for our car.

In the online auto parts store it is possible to find a wide variety of spark plugs and other spare parts for a wide range of car models belonging to the most important brands on the market.

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What is the function of a spark plug?

A spark plug fulfills different functions, although we can mainly focus on two:

  • It is part of the ignition system, allowing the passage of electricity into the combustion chamber, generating a spark that causes the detonation of the mixture.
  • It also complements the cooling system, transferring the heat energy from the interior of the combustion chamber to the head of the engine. Reason for hot and cold plugs.

It is necessary to take into account that there are some necessary accessories for the work of the spark plug, such as the set of cables and the good condition of the coils. Spark plugs can offer wonders and a longer life depending on the base material used for their manufacture, but if the rest of the accessories are at the end of their useful life, we will not achieve the optimal performance of the spark plugs.

How to choose the spark plugs of a car?

Taking into account the above information, some can be done general recommendations for selecting the most suitable spark plugs for your car model.

First, if you have very little knowledge of cars, it is best to consult the owner’s manual for the make, model and year of your car. That way you will have an accurate recommendation to select the model that the vehicle should be using.

An auto mechanic or auto parts supplier can also assist in the task.

In online stores it is possible to order the appropriate spark plug, just by entering the following data: model, make, year, engine and number of cylinders of the car. Using this information, the ideal spark plugs in different brands will be automatically deployed.

Take into consideration that the price of this small device can vary depending on the material in which it is manufactured. This material must be highly resistant to heat, with copper, platinum and iridium being the most common. It will be necessary for the user to perform different tests and establish their own cost / benefit ratio.

In this case, the duration of the part will depend on the state of the rest of the components involved in the ignition process. Spark plug wires and cleanliness are important to spark quality issues.

In no case is it recommended to clean the spark plugs and reuse them, it is always better to change.

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