How to choose a series to watch

With so many alternatives available on payment platforms, it is increasingly difficult to choose which fiction to start watching. Most series fans love to be guided by intuition when selecting the new series to which they will be hooked for the next days or weeks, while others who are more indecisive prefer to receive recommendations from friends.

There are also those who prefer to consult a list of the best anime and series available on different platforms, considerably reducing the list of options. In addition, in this way they also ensure that they can invest their time in a series that has good reviews, critical ratings and popularity with the public.

In any case, there are some tips that you can follow when it comes time to choose the next series that you are going to enjoy without fear of being wrong. Remember that watching a series is an important commitment to which you will dedicate a part of your time, so that you will not regret it shortly after starting.

5 tips for choosing a series to watch

Look at the total duration

It is quite likely that you will be guided by the theme, the title and the trailer. Nevertheless, it is important to consider the total duration of the series; there are fictions whose chapters are short and the season consists of about 10 chapters on average, while others have many more chapters, in addition to being longer. Consider this point before getting hooked on a plot.

Your mood

Although we all have certain tastes and we usually choose the same style of series, it is possible that our mood influences when making the selection. Whatever your taste and mood, there are many alternatives available: thriller, horror, drama, comedy, science fiction, the list is huge to accompany us in every situation of our daily life.

A marathon or do you prefer to watch it calmly?

It is a very personal matter. When we get hooked on a plot it is very difficult to drop the series and leave it incomplete, so it is a good idea to start with plan the time available to dedicate to this entertainment and make sure we choose a series that matches well with the hours we have free for leisure.

Comment with your friends

One of the best ways to choose a series is by recommendations. Your friends are the best source of information, but make sure they don’t give you too many details of the plot or they will end up ruining your experience with their “spoilers”. If you prefer, you can consult lists and rankings of the series with the best ratings by specialized critics.

Alone or in company?

This is another point to think about when selecting a series. If you usually share a marathon with your friends or partner, series with short seasons may be the perfect alternative; If you enjoy the series alone, you can choose the longest ones that you can watch little by little in your spare time.

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