How to choose a gaming laptop

How to choose a gaming laptop? Until a few years ago, only desktop computers were powerful enough to support next-generation PC games, but technology has evolved enough to deliver high-performance gaming laptops with the ability to run even the most demanding games.

However, the execution of games has particular demands and, when making the purchase, it is necessary to focus attention on those technical characteristics that differentiate the gaming laptop from the equipment for general use. An excellent recommendation is to start the search process using a comparative website with gaming computers and laptops.

In this way you can find equipment adapted to your need and budget with much less effort. To help you perform your search, we have created a small guide that summarizes the basic tips and the most important features that your gaming laptop should include.

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One of the main characteristics of a gaming laptop is power and this depends largely on the processor. The Intel brand has positioned itself as a leader in the high-performance CPU segment, with Intel Core i7 processors being the most appropriate while Intel Core i9 would guarantee superior performance.


Of course, the above must be accompanied by a graphics chip that will be in charge of processing shadows and textures of all the graphics shown in the video game, so the higher the quality of the graphics card, the more efficient you will experience when viewing the game. The most common is that a gaming laptop comes equipped with a GPU What Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync.


Most of the games are usually quite demanding in the consumption of RAMSo the bare minimum for a decent gaming experience will be 8GB. However, if possible it will be preferable to choose a computer with 16 GB of RAM. It is usually unnecessary to have 32 GB of RAM, but the memory modules can be updated later if you require it.


At present it will be very difficult to find a laptop whose screen has a resolution lower than 720p HD, the standard being in fact HD 1080p. However, there are already specialized computers for specific jobs that are equipped with resolution screens 4K. In terms of size, a 15.6-inch screen is enough to enjoy the game.


There are laptops with the capacity to reach an autonomy of up to 12 hours under normal conditions of use, but the demands of an online game limit the capacity of the drums notably and this should be taken into consideration as we investigate the most appropriate model.


In-game character control depends entirely on the quality of the game. keyboard Therefore, everything related to this issue must be analyzed with special attention. We must not only admire a backlit keyboard, but also in the differentiation of the WASD keys and the cursors, which is usually the most used in gaming computer keyboards.

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