How to boost your PC for video games?

Many of us at some point have installed a video game on our computer or PC. However, in the process we have been surprised that our system asks us for a series of requirements without which the game will not run properly.

In general, the video game tells us the minimum requirements it needs to function, such as the generation of the processor, how much RAM is needed or what minimum graphics card is required. For the first two problems the solution is simpler. For the third we must take into account certain characteristics, because not all graphics cards work on any PC.

That is why in this article we will explain what you should consider before buying a graphics card. But first we will know a little more about this device and its function.

The graphics card is a hardware that improves the definition of the graphics that our computer projects. It is an expansion card that is in charge of processing the data that comes from the CPU and allows its visualization.

Usually when we buy a computer it comes with a built-in one. With this we can play movies and surf the Internet, but it is insufficient when we want to perform more advanced actions, such as editing videos or playing online.

Now we know what a graphics card is and its function. So what should we consider before buying one?

Graphics card types: There are two types of graphics cards, integrated and discrete. The former are attached to the motherboard, and the latter are placed on the PCI-E slots. Well, the integrated ones require more work to change them, while the discreet ones are easily replaced, and therefore, they are the most popular and recommended for gamers.

Compatibility: Before you rush to buy the most expensive graphics card, we must check if our computer will be compatible. If you are thinking, instead, of buying a laptop, the investment we will make will be much higher, the graphics cards cannot be changed, as they are integrated. As technology advances, video games demand more and more requirements.

How do I know what type of card I need?

Type dxdiag in the Windows startup option. In this way, the characteristics of our PC will appear. In the Screen section we will review what graphics card we have. To adapt our PC to a gamer, we must verify that our graphics card meets the requirements of the video game that we are going to install.

On the other hand, it is useless to acquire a last generation card if our PC is a bit old. Even if it works, it will not run at the optimum level and will cause performance and speed problems.

Once this step is finished, we will choose the suitable type of device. For what purpose will we buy a card? For example, if we will only use it to play Fortnite, God of War or FIFA gaming; a graphics card will do us good. But if we also use our computer to edit videos, multimedia cards are the most suitable.

It is important that you are clear about the utility that you will give it. In this way, if you invest in a professional card it will not be a waste of money.

As we have seen, we do not need to throw away our PC if we want to turn it into a gamer computer. We only have to review the characteristics of the system and check the market which card is compatible. There are graphics cards of different prices and types, and as we explained, it is not necessary to empty your pocket to enjoy the best games with high resolution.

On the other hand, if we have a next-generation PC, it would be advisable to buy a more expensive card, since the graphics will be spectacular, and it will still take some time for us to have to change it.

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