How to Become a Successful Instagrammer

Are you one of those who use Instagram often and don’t know what else to do to make your profile succeed on this social network? Surely more than once you have wondered why there are accounts that succeed more than others and what factors influence these profiles to stand out from the rest. If you want to become an Instagram star, then we offer you a series of tips to help you succeed in this social network that has millions of followers every day.

Attractive themes

The main characteristic of successful instagramers is that they offer unique and attractive content for their target audience. That is, its contents are about attractive topics such as tricks to get in shape, beauty and fashion.

In addition, the content related to beauty, fashion or leisure are the most attractive to the public. In the case of fashion, these instagramers (see Dulceida’s case) combine the content they offer on Instagram with what they publish on YouTube or on their blog. Another example of a successful fashion instagramer is that of actress Paula Echevarría.

In recent times, many sports betting influencers have also emerged, such as Juan Gayá, who has been betting since 2000 although already in 2013 he dedicated himself to this professionally through Betmedia.

Image care

Without a doubt, Instagram is the social network in which the image predominates. That is why the text must play a secondary role and content must be transmitted through photographs. A good example of instagramers who take care of the image is Austin Mann, who is a young travel photographer who dedicates himself to sharing photos of his adventures around the world with his iPhone.

Influence your followers

This is the characteristic that any successful Instagrammer would have to fulfill perfectly and that is that they must influence the market. So, when this happens, the most important brands consider them an ideal advertising channel to publicize their products and that the public consider them as something positive. It is known by all that the opinion of these already public figures is taken into account by their thousands of followers and an incentive for them to also acquire the products that the influencers advertise.

As you can see, there are 3 qualities that a good Instagrammer must have to succeed in this social network. With them, they will get notoriety before the public and also that the brands bet on them and pay them for promoting their products and / services.

At the moment, the salary of some instragramers is much higher than that of any worker and there are some who even charge up to 8,000 euros, as is the case of Jack Morris and Laura Bullen, a couple of photographers who are dedicated to publishing their travel photographs. Even some fashion bloggers, like the one mentioned above, Dulceida, can charge 6,000 euros to upload a photo to Instagram.

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