How to become a professional gamer: We give you all the keys

The video game industry It has become over time in an expanding market not only at the level of development or engine in the creation of games, but as the beginning of a professional career like that of any professional sport. Competition at a professional level has increased significantly and has led to it being a very good source of income, although entering it requires a lot of effort and sacrifice. Become a professional gamer It takes a lot of perseverance and discipline, and if you are one of the people who does not stop working to achieve your goals, then this article is for you. Keep reading and we will tell you how to become a professional gamer.


You probably have several consoles and platforms to play with, or maybe you only have one. Whatever your case you should know what types of games suit your interests and capture your attention if you want to become a professional gamer. Not all games are available for all platforms, so you must carefully select which one you are going to start your career with. Equally you must have access to a good high-speed internet connection that allows you to run games without problems in real time and depending on the platform you will require a good mouse and mousepad, microphone and audio that are demanding and of good quality. It will not hurt to have a good chair that allows you to be comfortable the moment you get moving.


Surely there will be many games that you play, but to become a professional gamer you will need to select one that you like the most and in which you feel motivated to continue playing it. The most notable at the level of competition in the eSports they are usually always those of real-time strategy, shooting, battles, cards and sports type FIFA. You must know very well which is the one that attracts you and interests you. Once you know which game captures your interest, the next thing to do is practice.


A professional gamer did not reach the peak of his career overnight or by knockout. Skill always makes perfect, so your next task will be gain skills and abilities by investing many hours time spent practicing the video game of your choice. ORA professional gamer can spend up to 14 hours a day in the practice of his game with a routine plan that includes a balanced diet, study of strategies and hours of rest.


The more techniques and strategies you achieve learn about the game that you have chosen, the easier it will be for you to become a professional gamer. On the Internet there are channels with a lot of help information for today’s player that show us endless tutorials that are available to Internet users.


If we decide to be a professional gamer we surely need form a team to participate in some tournaments. The people whom you decide to be part of your team must have a high sense of responsibility and feel like you do that commitment to achieve a common goal. It is useless to ally ourselves with other players who will turn their backs on us after the first defeat. The goal must always be clear and the team must also agree on it. You should choose who will be the captain and it must be a selection made by consensus depending on the leadership qualities of each one. Remember that many times we can be the creators of the idea, but that does not mean that we are a good strategist; sometimes “It is preferable to be a good police officer than a bad president.” Finally, always maintain open and direct communication between all members.


Many eSports teams have accounts on YouTube channels and they have created groups on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow them, review their opinions daily and don’t stop learning of the best. Remember also to be respectful in your comments and opinions, since what you can say in the wrong way can be a mistake that you pay dearly in the future. Do not forget that you are not invisible on the networks and as you start to stand out, the number of followers will also start to grow. We do not tell you that you will be a movie star or a Messi, but that is where the road to fame begins.


Once you have reached a level where you consider that you are ready to compete, you can sign up for free open tournaments and go climbing positions. Stand out for your plays and you will surely attract the attention of other competitors and if your plays attract the attention of some sponsors you will start to stand out notably in addition to that They can be a highly paid source of income. Currently the most recognized and popular tournaments are those of LOL (League of Legends), Heroes of the Dorm and the Intel Extreme Masters.


Once you already achieve win online tournaments your next step to be a professional gamer will be sign up for live (or LAN) tournaments. Start with some local Amateur-type competitions and as you achieve victories this will give you the opportunity to move to a pro level. This is guaranteed. As well it is recommended that you attend some of these tournaments as a spectator (even if you can’t participate) and you can see the atmosphere that is lived and breathed in a high-class tournament. The level of adrenaline is equal to what you feel in a Champions League final with real players.


You may be desperate to stand out and your ambitions go beyond reaching the top of the podium in one go, but it’s not always the best way to go. You must be patient and start small. Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok is one of the most remarkable world champions in eSports. One of his advice has always been shared by us and it is appropriate that you take it into account: “Do not necessarily think of being a professional as your goal, you must first have as your goal to be the best amateurs” Become the best by participating first in small local and regional competitions. Climb positions without skipping the steps and you will soon be at the top of the best.

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