How to be a successful youtuber and not die trying?

More and more young people want to be youtubers and this has become the fashionable profession. There are millions of young people who try but not all succeed. That is why there are several things to take into account in order to create the most successful videos on the video social network par excellence.


You must get a good camera to be able to record your videos. Successful YouTubers typically have a camera with a flip-up screen, which can be rotated so they can see you while you record. It is a feature that, although it is not essential, will make your work much easier if you do not have someone to help you record.


If you want to keep a still and stable image, the tripod is an element that you cannot miss. Ideally, you should buy a tripod that can be adjusted in height, thus offering you a stable support for the camera.

Editing programs

They will be, without a doubt, your best ally and you will have to use them before uploading the video. They require certain knowledge and there are many options that you can find at the moment in the market, such as iMovie or Window Maker, which come pre-installed on your computer and are very easy to use for beginners. Then you can jump to something more complete like Final cut or Adobe Premiere Pro, which are the programs most used by youtuber. And finally, you can also use Camtasia or ScreenFlow that are widely used by gamers and online casino players to show a game or play.


It is recommended that you never record audio with the internal microphone of the camera. Ideally, you should use an external microphone or external recorder whenever possible. This will avoid background noises or hums.


As far as lighting is concerned, you must achieve a suitable environment for the scene you are going to record. You must have enough light for your camera to capture details and colors; avoid harsh shadows, especially on the face and give prominence to the subject over the background.

After taking all this into account, you only have the easiest thing left and that is nothing more than uploading the video to YouTube. To do this, you need to have a Google account by filling in the following fields: title, description and tags, always optimizing your videos to the maximum.

You must remember that both the title and the thumbnail are the aspects that will guide the user to decide whether to click on the video to play it or not. In the miniatures it is important that you know that the colors must be striking and that they are within your corporate image and if you incorporate an image of yourself, the better; Likewise, the words that you include in the image must be of a significant size to be able to be read in the small size available. Finally, you must maintain the same style for thumbnails, loyalty to your channel and brand.

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