How to be a pro in Fortnite

To be professional in Fornite Battle Royale you will have to invest time, in addition to following some tips that can help you evolve more quickly. It is not only about learning to play and knowing some tricks that will help you stand out among the thousands of opponents that you will face every day.

Do you want to know how to become a true “Pro” in Fornite? Then follow the following tips collected from other experts on the subject.

Develop a strategy

First, try adjusting your console / computer settings so that you prioritize smooth gameplay over higher visual quality. Also change the sensitivity of the control so that you can aim correctly.

Once this is done, begin to avoid confrontations and attack stealthily, this way you increase the chances of survival. Choose highlands to have an advantage and in this way you will be avoiding the initial confrontations and you will be able to go back easily.

You must always stay on the move as static targets become an easy target to attack. Build mainly in metal and brick, try all the weapons, in this way you will learn to dominate their strengths.

Play, play and keep playing

When you have already established your own strategy, it is convenient for you to put it into practice until any detail is corrected. The practice It is what makes a difference between beginners and professionals of the game.

You must consider the comfort; if you will spend many hours in front of the computer, you need to acquire one gaming chair that offers you the right support. Get more info here.

Work on combat skills

It’s not just about guns and being skilled at shooting. A good way to fight within the game is to avoid confrontations and hide, letting the rest of the participants eliminate each other while you dedicate yourself to building.

At some point you will have to get fully involved in the fighting, but it is convenient that you are already sufficiently prepared to take down as many opponents as you can.

Meet your weekly goals without rushing

One of the mistakes of many beginners is rushing to meet goals when they are posted. Actually, it is good to have a little patience, since the challenges do not expire and for the premium we could end up putting ourselves in less advantageous situations.

Visit YouTube

It is a paradise for those who wish to nourish themselves with best game strategies used by professionals. There you will find thousands of videos with different experiences that you can use to your advantage.

Each player develops a unique style and newbies can draw on their experiences, copy some tactics, and improve their own game until fully developed.

Do not trust!

Finally, do not trust, because enemies are always around you. To be victorious in the battle you have to take care of all the flanks. You will learn to protect yourself while you evolve in the game, through practice and the development of your own style that differentiates you from other competitors.

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