Horizon Zero Dawn: cheats and missions to survive

The developer Guerrilla Games, was in charge of creating Horizon zero dawn, released in early 2017 for the PS4 platform. Since then it has become one of the most popular games among the users of this console. Because it turned out to be so successful, the developer released an expansion of it, called Frozen Wilds, which can also be used for PC.

In this article, we bring you detailed information with all the tips you need to know so that you can survive in the harsh environment of Horizon Zero Dawn. As well as a summary of the main story and some useful tips from the game world.

What is Horizon Zero Dawn about?

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action game, set in an open world. He gives the impression of being primitive, but the reality is that he is somehow surrounded by animal-like machines.

The beginning of Horizon Zero Dawn, shows its main character Aloy, when she was a child and her tutor and mentor Rost. They belong to a tribe that worships the Mother goddess, but in which Aloy and Rost are separated from the rest for being outcasts.

Aloy begins to ask herself why she is excluded from her tribe, so she decides to look for answers. As the game progresses, new unknowns appear, referring to the environment in which the game takes place.

So, the search focuses on knowing the origin of the machines and why they are becoming more aggressive and dangerous.


In Horizon Zero Dawn, as you progress you will find various missions, those that are part of the main story are related to some secondary missions and errands so you can get the different collectibles.

The game is divided into a series of stages or main missions that you must overcome, which are:

  • A gift from the past in which Aloy is made known as a promise from the Nora tribe.
  • Lessons from nature, where Rost teaches Aloy what it takes to survive.
  • The tip of the spear confrontation with more dangerous enemies.
  • Mother’s heart, where Aloy must prepare for a final test.
  • The proof, Aloy must overcome to show the tribe her bravery.
  • The matrix of the mountain, where you must discover a secret that remains hidden among the rocks.
  • Door finder, in which you must take advantage of a new tool.
  • The trail of the chief, the journey takes you to the thirst of the devil.
  • Revenge of the Nora, to defeat the tribes they must unite.
  • The city of the sun, in which Aloy is reunited with Olin.
  • End of the creator, where you will find a machine with a lot of power and some ruins in which a secret is hidden.
  • The cemetric, In which you must infiltrate testing your skills to face something really dangerous.
  • The field of the fallen, where you must help Erend.
  • To the borderlands, After the instructions that the Sun King gave you, you must go to a new place.

Other missions

  • The sun will perish you must fulfill your objective as soon as possible, because a plot will culminate in disgrace for everyone.
  • Curse of the dark important information that can be obtained by the enemy if you do not arrive on time.
  • The deep secrets of the earth, stage in which the secrets begin to be revealed.
  • The terror of the sun mission in which you must face one of the most powerful machines in the form of a beast.
  • The heart of the Nora, help must be given to the tribe.
  • The mountain that fell secrets that will be revealed by GAIA Prime.
  • The shadow that looms moment when the adventure is about to end.
  • On the brink of extinction what we’ve been waiting for, if the threat is not suppressed, everything Aloy knows will disappear.

In addition to the story and main missions, Horizon Zero Dawn has side missions and errands that you must complete if what you want is to complete the game in its entirety.


As you progress through the game and successfully complete the missions, you will be able to see that several collectibles are distributed on the map, they may be some information that you will need to know a story or object.

A part of the collectibles can be found by exploring the terrain or facilities, after the different missions are completed. Another part of the collectibles requires you to move to that point in order to obtain them.

In Horizon Zer Dawn, the collectibles are not so numerous, but they are very useful so that you have a certain advantage in the game:


They are straw puppets that will help you show all the strength you have.


This collectible will allow you to climb to high places so that you can have a wide view of the entire area around you.

Banuk Figures

They are tribal figurines that will be useful as a test of skill.

Ancient vessels

In total there are 12 vessels that you can collect and it is an object belonging to the past.

Metal flowers

Thanks to them, you can decipher the secret of how the world has managed to adapt to its new environment, in total there are thirty objects of this type that you can accumulate.


In Horizon Zero Dawn, the experience is what will allow you to level up as you eliminate machines. Each level reached gives you a skill point, it can also be obtained by completing some missions.

For Aloy to get the best out of her abilities, it is important that you know what each of them is for:

Recommended skills

It is recommended that you focus on these skills, especially at the beginning, so that you can advance more easily.

Gatherer skillss

They are passive skills that will allow you to improve your performance when it comes to the accumulation of materials and ammunition.

Marauder skills

These skills will be very useful when you need to stay hidden, while you explore and decide to attack the enemy.

Brave Skills

It allows you to master several techniques that will help you when facing directly the enemies and threats in the environment.

Weapons and outfits

The harsh environment of Horizon Zero Dawn requires more than a bow and arrows to defend itself and face the many enemies that Aloy must defeat.

Among the options regarding weapons and outfits that you will have available are:

  • Types of weapons, where you can view all the weapons you have.
  • Quality of the object, Here you can identify which objects have the greatest value.
  • Types of outfits, where you will find different types of clothing, each with special characteristics.
  • Modifications, To which you can go if you require accessories with which you get a special effect.

Armor Weaves Shields and Energy Cells

The Horizon Zero Dawn game offers you the option of obtaining a secret armor, which will allow you to make the enemies you have to face easy to defeat. This armor is called Shield Weaving and uses an ancient technology that is responsible for protecting Aloy.

To obtain the Weaving Shield armor, it is required to meet these requirements:

  • Activate the mission, This is a special mission that you must activate in order to make use of the energy cells.
  • Find the power cells, You must locate five energy sources so that you can have the option to use the armor.
  • Bunker puzzle, After you have the five energy cells in your power, you have to find the solution of a puzzle so that you can have access to the final prize.

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