Hollow Knight Guide: Tips and Tricks

A Knight faces the mysteries behind the abandoned kingdom of Hallownest. The epic adventure full of fantastic elements that will lead you to find the answers to the story. Here we present the hollow knight guide to achieve each goal.

You will know what you must do so that our protagonist can survive various places. In addition, you will reveal what happened so that the kingdom was devastated and you will discover the origin of the Knight.

This metroidvania is full of the most incredible adventures. That’s why we give you a few tips that you will surely take advantage of to finish the game successfully!

The details of the plot that you must be clear

The first thing you need to know is that adventurers who go to Hallownest boast of finding great treasures. They are attracted by the extraordinary events that take place. And so many hope to know the origin of ancient mysteries.

In this sense, the Knight decides to go to the place to find the history of the area. In this way, he proves his destiny as the game progresses.

Likewise, will run into creatures that inhabit the kingdom, reanimated by a strange force, whose purpose is unknown at first. And at the same time, the protector of the ruins will appear, testing the path of the main character.

But the best will begin the moment the Dreamers beg the Knight to release the seals. A task for which he will require the Dream Stinger, the weapon that will help him to read dreams and minds.

This set of events will usher in the epic adventure to achieve the ultimate goal.

Build your list of strategies with the hollow knight guide

Now yes, here are the tricks that you can apply so that your passage through Hollow Knight is taken advantage of to the maximum. Attentive!

  • The best investment you can make is buy a pen for you to take annotations on your map.
  • Similarly, if you acquire the different maps for each place it will represent a great help not to get lost.
  • By logic, a compass would be another vital option to guide you on the way. Thus, you will complete your essential kit to travel to the different areas of Hallownest.
  • If you have stamps for you to identify places specials on the map would be great.
  • You shall count on the Geos (the currency of the video game) necessary for your explorations. But yes, do not accumulate too many, it could be a problem that you will realize later.
  • Something else that would be good to acquire are the shards for your health bar. You will need to find yourself in the best conditions.
  • Taking into account the advice above, you should prioritize your healing.
  • With your Geos, you can still buy magic. This will contribute to healing and in turn will increase the soul bar.
  • Upon obtaining the power of the Dream Portal, put a mark on the map to teleport you to a safe place, like Dirtmouth.

What is the role of banks in Hollow Knight?

In the previous section, we were able to give you some good useful tips to improve your passage through the ruined kingdom. However, that’s not all we have to tell you in this Hollow Knight guide.

In order for you to recover if you lose a battle, it is essential that you find a bank. And yes, it is literally a bench to sit down to rest. Therefore, if you arrive in a new area, this bank will serve as a control point.

Another plus that banks offer you is that, when you are in one, you can equip your amulets. And at the same time, with the pen you will draw on the map the places that you have visited and are not yet marked.

Last but not least, the last bank you were on is the place you will return to. If? Well clearly, if you lose and die in battle. As if that were not enough, there is a specific bank that works as a secure container for Geos, in case you want to keep a few.

Other tips for your time at Hallownest

Along with all this range of advice that we have offered you, there are other tips that cannot be ignored. For example, apply the combat technique that consists of jumping and attacking opponents downwards. By using it, you will be able to take advantage of it and avoid being defeated. Why? It is simply because the momentum will make you bounce to dodge and attack with a little more agility.

On the other hand, this will also be useful:

  • Go to the blacksmith and upgrade your weapon. That will give you extra power to win especially tough matches.
  • Stay tuned in case you run into invisible walls or falls into the void.
  • Despite the latter, some places will be useful to find new routes. Or even special powers and secrets that help solve the plot.
  • You must not forget that the amulets represent a help. With them you can win souls by hitting different objects or recover health.

You see! There are a lot of possibilities in our Hollow Knight guide and the video game itself offers a development that we really like.

News and other interesting aspects

Surely you already know that Hollow Knight: Silksong is the sequel to the original game, which we are looking forward to.

What we can advance about it are a few details. Like now the main character will be the former protector of the ruins (her name is Hornet, by the way).

In addition to this, unlike the previous installment, this time the game will feature a mission system. This will be divided into four sections and, on the other hand, Hornet will be the one who makes his weapons. Which is something that sets itself apart from Hollow Knight and its enchantment system.

One more thing that’s cool is that unlike the Knight, Silksong’s character is cured with silk. Which in fact means that the healing process is faster.

All the news will be full of action and adventure, typical of the game. So, it is always good to take a step forward to the strategies of the games, like the ones we present in this Hollow Knight guide.

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