Hand Sanitizer Gel: Barrier to Covid-19

What would you have thought if someone in December 2019 said that hand sanitizer gel could save your life?

Surely, this statement would generate a lot of grace.

And that a global pandemic like the one we are experiencing after the appearance of Covid-19 was just a story that was only seen in apocalyptic movies, but reality surpassed fiction.

From the beginning of the health crisis to the present, hundreds of hoaxes and half-truths run on the Internet. They generate anxiety and erroneous behaviors in the population.

However, something has been maintained from the beginning: hand hygiene is vital. Wash them with plenty of soap and water for 20 seconds to reduce the possibility of catching the virus.

But what to do when we are on the street?

Hand sanitizer gel against Covid-19

When we are away from home and we need to sanitize ourselves, the best way to do it is by using hand sanitizer gel.

Attention: Not all hand sanitizer gel is used to eliminate Covid-19 and in this the World Health Organization (WHO) is categorical.

When purchasing a bottle of disinfectant gel, make sure that the alcohol concentration is higher than 60%.

In addition to sanitizing our hands frequently, it is recommended to use a mask and gloves as measures that increase our safety.

Correct use of hand sanitizer gel

Our customs and ways of doing things have been transformed since the appearance of Covid-19.

Previously, washing your hands was a routine. Some did it well, others quickly, it was common to hear parents say “wash your hands” to the little ones.

But today, washing your hands is something that worries everyone. Everyone wants to make sure that any threat to our health is eliminated.

The use of the hand sanitizer gel also took weight. Before all this, the gel had become a cosmetic product. They came in various presentations, even with smells of various fruits and essences.

Now we are even interested in the alcoholic concentration of the product, before taking it to the checkout and paying its price.

To apply the hand sanitizer gel, we must follow the same protocol for washing with soap and water:

  • We apply an appropriate amount in the palm of one of our hands.
  • We put our hands together and make sure to spread the gel over the entire surface.
  • We cover the palms, between the fingers, the back of each hand and the entire length of our fingers, including the nails.
  • Then, we join the fingers and rub them in circles against the palm of the opposite hand.
  • To finish, we cover the thumb with the opposite hand and spread the hand sanitizer gel up to the wrists.

Once the process is finished, it is necessary to wait for the gel to be absorbed by our skin.

The frequent use of hand sanitizer gel can dry out our hands, in those cases, the use of moisturizing creams is recommended to avoid dryness.

Homemade hand sanitizer gel

Product shortages also came with the pandemic.

It was a temporary situation for most of the products. However, products such as masks, gloves and hand sanitizer gel are still in short supply.

To counteract this situation, many people dedicated themselves to making homemade hand sanitizer gel.

At the beginning, the WHO opposed it, but given the weight of reality, it ended up giving some recommendations so that the homemade gels would have the effectiveness expected by their new manufacturers.

The World Health Organization recommends using:

  • Alcohol at 96˚ concentration.
  • Liquid glycerin.
  • Peroxide.
  • Distilled water.

With these products at home, you should only use a bottle with a capacity of one liter and mix: 250 ml of alcohol, 5 ml of glycerin, 7 ml of hydrogen peroxide and about 30 ml of distilled water.

They are mixed until they are homogenized and you get a gel with the desired consistency. To later transfer the liquid to smaller containers and distribute them among your relatives.

Buy your hand sanitizer gel and ensure its effectiveness

As you know, the slightest error is used by Covid-19 to infect our body.

It is believed that the most common way of contagion with our mucous membranes: mouth, nose and eyes, is through hand contact from touching an object or surface contaminated with the virus.

Therefore, the importance of the effectiveness of the hand sanitizer gel that we use regains great relevance.

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