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Gypsy Tarot: Free roll of gypsy cards

Of all the cultures of the entire world, the one that becomes most prominent in terms of the divinatory arts is the gypsy culture. So much so that it is even an issue in popular culture; the gypsies are immediately associated with the Mancy and with the understanding of energetic signs.

Among the methods of divination used by the gypsies stand out: the reading of the hands (known as chiromancy) and the reading of the crystal ball, in addition to the tarot cards.

But with all this knowledge, it was to be expected that they would develop their own variety of tarot. One that was more in line with their customs and represented their nomadic nature, one that manifested their messages more directly.

What is the gypsy tarot?

The gypsy tarot is a version of the Marseille tarot that can be considered more direct, in the sense that each card represents a clear message. While the Marseille one, which began as a game, is considered the original, the Gypsy is the one who makes the most accurate predictions about the future.

In fact, there are key differences that separate the gypsy from the Marseille: the first is the general intention, and the second is the deck.


The general intention of this type of tarot goes beyond predicting the future to solve the problems of the present.

The gypsy cards cover all areas of people’s lives (from the sentimental and family situation to the work and economic situation), but their purpose is to prevent any risk in the future, and it is on this basis that predictions are made.

Gypsy Deck of cards

The second key difference is the deck. Different versions of the cardomancy, such as the love tarot or the work tarot, use the Marseille deck for their queries but giving it a more specific approach.

But the gypsy has his own deck that separates from these, having 36 very peculiar cards.

gypsy cards

The motifs of these cards are very colorful, where each of the illustrations alludes to its meaning with different elements. The covers of these cards are also attractive, varying from interwoven designs to striking colors.

The most frequently used deck is known as the Lenormand deck, in honour of Marie Anne Lenormand, a gypsy seer who is said to have been the first to use this deck.

But there are other popular models, such as the one used in this online gypsy roll where each card represents a person with clothes allusive to the gypsy culture and representing their power figures.

How does it work?

The consultations of the gypsy cards in real life are the most complete of all the variations of the tarot. And the way it works is similar to that of the common tarot, that of love or that of work, although a reading can also be made as if it were a yes or no reading.

Complete reading

For full online readings, three cards must be randomly chosen. The meaning of each card is associated with the starting order of the roll:

  • The first card chosen represents the person’s past, but also reflects the person’s state of health.
  • The second card of the roll represents the present moment, but also indicates the economic situation, professional and labor development.
  • The last card of the roll is the one that represents the future, at the same time that it also shows the sentimental life and amorous reality.
gypsy online reading

Another way to see the order of the spread is that the first card is the one that indicates the cause of current problems, the second is the one that helps people locate themselves in the present, and the third is the reference that is used to shape the future and solve situations successfully.

In either of the two ways of interpreting the exit order of the roll, reading the tarot will help people have a better perspective of their current situation, analyze their actions and experiences already lived that have taken them to the present, and clearly visualize the destiny that lies ahead.

Are there other types of readings or rolls?

Yes, the one mentioned above is the one available online. But there are two other types of queries that can be done in real life: quick reading and cross roll.

Although fast reading is not done on this page, it is one of the available reading options that gypsy clairvoyants do. Quick reading is a type of query similar to yes or no tarot, but a little more complete.

For these readings it is necessary for the mind to be focused on a specific issue, so that only by choosing a card can have a clear and decisive answer to help resolve that situation.

gypsy tarot

And the other type of query that is not available on the page, but in real life is the reading of a cross roll.

This consultation consists of throwing five cards and placing them as a cross, with the fifth card in one of the four ends and never in the center. The order of choice and position of the cards is very important:

  • First card / left side: represents the situations of the past.
  • Second card / right side: represents the situation to consult, the problems that are beyond the control of people.
  • Third card / top position: represents the future and the evolution of the situation.
  • Fourth card / lower position: represents the energies around the problem, will be positive or negative.
  • Fifth card: represents the resolution of the problem.

This is one of the most important methods of divination in the world, and covers a whole range of arguments: it serves to consult the status of karma, to make sentimental consultations, to clarify the path to happiness and so on.

From the online consultations only clear results can be obtained and that favor to have a better sight of the destiny.

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