Guide to playing Pokémon Go

Pokemon go became a worldwide sensation from the moment the game was released. By now everyone should know the popular game for mobile devices that is based on geo-location and augmented reality, from the franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri.

It is an interactive and truly exciting game that encourages us to visit new places in our cities, guaranteeing hours of entertainment for children, youth and adults.

Today we present a practical guide for beginners, so that they can enjoy all the alternatives that the game offers and we will also give you some interesting tricks so that you can take advantage of the interactive experience that Pokémon GO offers.

Set up the game

Once you have downloaded the game, you will have to create your avatar. Once this is done, it is recommended to configure the sound effects, vibration and battery saving. This is essential since when going out, the game can consume battery very quickly and we do not want to miss the opportunity to catch some Pokémon on the way home.

Choose Pikachu

The teacher will introduce you to three “starters”, move several meters away and ignore them each time they appear. That way you make sure that a few times later, it appears to you Pikachu, which is the original, the most precious and with which we all want to play. The problem here is patience, because not all people find it equally fast.

Catch your first Pokémon

Once you have everything ready, start moving through the streets and locate the pokémons scattered throughout the city. Your avatar on the map will advance as you do, using your GPS connection. To capture a Pokémon, you just have to touch it on the screen and point the camera on it, so you will see it in augmented reality and you can launch one pokeball and catch it.

Check your stats

In you Pokédex all the activity of the creatures you have been hunting is recorded, each one offers individual information about their evolutions. If you have seen one, but could not capture it, you will see its silhouette while the rest of the spaces will be unknown.

Take advantage of Poképaradas

There are objects that can help you in the search and capture of your Pokémon copies and these objects can be obtained in the poképaradas. For example, incense attracts some creatures, while incubators can help you when you find an egg on one of your tours. PokéStop items recharge (respawn) every 5 minutes.

Fight in gyms

Once you reach level 5, you can head to a gym and fight against other users. Gyms appear on the map with a distinguishing symbol and are sites that are under the control of user groups. If you find a totally empty gym, you can claim it and share it with other of your friends, to train together and fight.

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