GTA 6: everything that is known

Lovers of “Grand Theft Auto” are waiting with the arrival of the GTA 6 version. However, there are many leaks and alleged rumors regarding this title. We know what will be elaborated under a complete virtual reality, a clearly ambitious project.

Without a doubt, after the excellent delivery of Red Dead Repemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V you cannot expect less. This new version is not yet available, updates are still being worked on and the date of its release has not been officially indicated. Although the comments indicate we must wait 2 more years to enjoy it.

Grand Theft Auto: The Most Wanted Video Game

Did you know that this title, to date, has managed to sell more than one hundred million copies of its latest version? Therefore, with GTA 6 this number is expected to double considerably.

The true fans of this video game saga are waiting for the day of the premiere of GTA 6. But, of course, this is not limiting, since it does not prevent them from playing its version 5 and online, which daily gets new users.

Until the delivery of this title is available we will not enjoy its news. However, we can release some clues that will give you an idea of ​​what it will bring:

Move users quickly and remotely

It is estimated that will allow current players to be automatically transported to the new version.

However, everything is not as easy as it looks, because perhaps fans of GTA online and GTA 5 are afraid of the transition. This can pose a significant risk to the new project. Because, they may think they would waste the time invested in leveling up and advancing.

An example of this can be seen in the case of Red Dead Online, where players do not want new versions. Since they believe that by doing so they would waste thousands of hours struggling to level up. Also, some invest real money in day-to-day transactions that could be lost in the transition.

However, avoid anticipating events, Rockstar will most likely consider transferring the virtual assets to the new version. If this happens, the new players will feel at a disadvantage, in front of the old ones, who will already have experience and generated dividends.

GTA 6 Online

It is likely that an Online mode of this new version, GTA 6, will also be released. Surely, this will not be enjoyed by users until some time after the release of the video game. So those who purchase Grand Theft Auto VI can still compete in the old version online.

Therefore, it can be assumed that Rockstar will always think of its audience. That is why they will wait to implement the new online modality, months or years after launch. Thus, users will migrate naturally without haste.

In the case of the online mode of GTA 5, this appeared a few weeks after the official premiere of the game. He himself did not achieve immediate success, but it took several years to achieve it. In that sense, it is likely that this is a great test for designers.

Possible costs and characters of GTA 6

GTA 6 is almost likely only available for next-gen consoles. But without leaving aside a less complex version for old equipment. Regarding costs, as the launch date is not known, it would be very difficult to determine exactly. But if we are based on the latest title, released by Rockstar, it may be a similar cost.

Now, if you wonder if your favorite characters will appear, it is almost likely that it is yes. We already know that The Grand Theft Auto saga is characterized by questionable protagonists, with low morals, all antiheroes. Those who try to evolve as a person and redeem the mistakes of the past.

The favorites

In GTA 5 we were captivated by Michael, Trevor and Franklin. These three were the protagonists of the entire story of this season. Whereas in previous installments, you could only follow the life of one.

It is thought that in the next release of GTA 6 joint history is used. In order to do so, have various forms of investigation and various plots controlled by the player.

What is probable is that, following this line of development, the antiheroes of GTA 6 will be young gang members or criminals. Who will fight to win a position in the mafia that controls the city.

On the other hand, regarding the universe, some comments indicate that it will be totally different, with a new beginning in a different world.

Women are also protagonists

There are also different rumors on social networks, that the next installment of GTA 6 will star a female. Well yes, believe it or not, a woman! This may amaze users, as it has never been possible in versions of Grand Theft Auto. Perhaps it could be due to the pressure of the fanatic or practices of new tendencies. Which would force Rockstar to get a gangster who comes to dominate the city.

This feature has already been achieved in video games such as The Last of Us, Tomb Raider and Horizon Zero Dawn. Thus demonstrating that having a woman on stage gives depth and importance to the episodes. For this reason, it is believed that the new GTA 6 will surprise us with this excellent alternative.

Is there a demo?

There is not known, until the present, any trailer that anticipates the future of GTA 6. It is considered that its launch could be between the year 2022 and 2023. What we can be sure of is that the power of Xbox Series X and the PS5 will be enjoyed.

Regarding the trailer, it may be released after the release date is announced. So fans should take it easy and continue to enjoy version 5 of the GTA, has amazing visual modes that adapt perfectly to current consoles.

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