Gladiator: 10 curiosities you may not know about the movie

At the beginning of the 2000s, great cinematographic productions occupied the big screen and marked the history of cinema without knowing it, such is the case of Gladiator. A filmography directed by Ridley Scott, starring Russel Crowe, Connie Nielsen and Joaquin Phoenix, It is a story that left many curiosities along the way and placed its audience in ancient Rome.

Gladiator brought to life a theme that had been completely lost in film over the years, stories based on ancient Rome. On this occasion, Russel Crowe plays Máximo, a soldier who decides to avenge the murder of his wife and son at the hands of Comodo, the character of Joaquín Phoenix.

Winner of multiple Academy Awards and other cinematographic recognitions, acclaimed in theaters by audiences and critics, after 20 years, it is considered one of the best productions of historical fiction in Hollywood. There is a lot of mystery around the film, so we present the 10 curiosities that perhaps not everyone knew about Gladiator.

10 curiosities about Gladiator

Despite being considered one of the greatest short films of its time and possibly in the entire history of Hollywood, and being one of the most acclaimed films by cinephile audiences, during its production and filming, a large number of anecdotes, controversies and curiosities. We highlight for you the 10 most outstanding:

Last minute protagonist

Great actors were taken into account to play the role of Máximo Décimo Meridio, the central character in this story. On the list were Hugh Jackman, Antonio Banderas and who was the most considered for the role, Mel Gibson, but the actor already with a script in hand rejected the role on the grounds that he was no longer the right age to fulfill that role.

Although Russel Crowe was not the first choice, he gave the production his best performance, to the point of being awarded an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Actor.. For the Australian artist, it was a relief to have been selected at the last minute as the protagonist of this story, since he considers the film and this character as the favorites of his film career.

Russel Crowe’s accidents

During the filming of this film, the actor who gave life to the protagonist of the story suffered several accidents while filming the action scenes. Russel Crowe, who plays Máximo, needed medical attention on more than one occasion. The result of these damages was presented as fractures in the hip and some bones of the feet and injuries in the tendons of the biceps.

Everything was controlled

Gladiator is one of those films that leaves a lot of questioning as to how it was filmed, due to some scenes. Such is the case when the confrontation between Máximo and the Tigre de Galo occurs. The reality is that, to carry out this scene, it took the presence of five royal tigers accompanied by vets ready to fire tranquilizer darts.

Filming began with an incomplete script

When the filming of the film began, director Ridley Scott did not have enough script pages to have the whole story developed. It only had 22 written pages, of the 110 that can commonly be found in a production of this magnitude. Due to this technical inconvenience, there was an occasion in which the team had the day off, not knowing how the plot continued.

Improvisation and alteration of the script

In the original Gladiator script, Máximo’s wife and son were not killed by Commodus. It was a twist the writer gave the play in a second revision to bring more drama to the story. and give the protagonist enough reasons to want to seek revenge against the emperor.

On the other hand, the actors had the possibility of improvising the odd dialogue, as is the case of the description that Máximo makes of his house in a scene. These factors were something that were not in the script, but the actor attached it to the film perfectly while describing his home in Australia. Another improvisation was the cry: “Am I not merciful?” By Comfortable.

Double hand presence

One of the most iconic scenes in the film, which has even been the main inspiration for parodies in other productions, It is the moment where Máximo walks through the wheat field and the camera follows his hand. The reality is that there is nothing to do with Russel Crowe in it, who was in the filming of this scene was his double hand, named Stuart Clark.

Death during filming

One of the most shocking events surrounding the production of this film was the Oliver Reed’s passing. The actor who played Antonio Próximo, a former gladiator who acts as Máximo’s guide and tutor, suffered a heart attack and died before filming was completely finished.

Despite the fact that most of his appearances were already ready, the production team had to go to dubbing and visual effects through digital editions to solve the impact of this event within the film and complete all the scenes of the character. Thanks to these effects, among others, the film was crowned in the Visual Effects category at the Academy Awards.

Construction of a fake Roman Colosseum

Some scenes take place in the Roman Colosseum, but for the filming of the film you did not have to go to the place. The structure shown in Gladiator was located in Malta, not Italy, and was only a part, made of plaster and wood, of the royal Colosseum. For this work it took several months of work, digital edition to complete the place and a million dollars.

Inaccuracies in time

When making a production based on another time slot, errors can occur that the team may not notice until the movie is completely finished. In the case of Gladiator, three events occur that were not from Ancient Rome, such as the presence of cowboys and the existence of an air cylinder and padlocks, which by then had not been created.

Shooting of the battle of Germania

One of the most epic scenes in the film is the battle of Germania, where Máximo and his troop face the Germans. This memorable fight that begins the film’s story was filmed in the Bourne Forest, near Farnham, UK. For its realization, it took 20 days of filming without much rest for the production team and the actors.

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