Gift ideas for mothers on Three Kings Day

Our mother is a unique being and deserves that we make an effort to choose a special gift for her. Both at Christmas and on Three Kings Day we can deliver beautiful and very special details, taking into account your personality and taste.

Check some of the ideas that we leave you in the following list of gifts for mothers on Three Kings Day.

Dinner in an original restaurant

Taking her out of the daily routine can be one of the best gifts you can give a mother. Whether at home or at work, in general, mothers always have great responsibilities and that is why it is good to help them escape from reality and forget about chores and commitments.

A visit to a creative cuisine restaurant It can be an exceptional experience where you can enjoy pleasant hours, delicious dishes and unique recipes in their style accompanied by the people with whom you enjoy the most.

Flower arrangements and gift baskets

The natural flowers They are a classic gift that is perfectly suited to any occasion, especially when accompanied by chocolates, a good bottle of cava and some other special detail.

In the web FloraQueen You can choose from a wide catalog of gifts at home that can be delivered in all cities of Spain from anywhere in the world, only being necessary to complete the purchase from the portal and enter the delivery data.


Beyond their monetary value, jewelry They take on sentimental value when given on special dates and occasions. For flirtatious mothers, nothing better than a piece of fine jewelry that speaks of the admiration felt for her.

You will have to analyze her tastes to understand the type of jewelry she usually uses and thus give her a gift that she truly appreciates and uses to highlight her natural beauty.

Perfumes, makeup and cosmetics

Very few women can resist make-up and the beauty products. The woman is beautiful by nature and always seeks to highlight her femininity by any means, with makeup being the favorite form of expression.

Recognized brands have complete makeup kits and special product lines to accompany women at each stage of their life. So you don’t have to be a makeup expert to give it away.

Perfumes and cosmetic products, mineral salts, aromatherapy products and many other things are also a great idea to give to mothers during the Three Kings Day.


Adventurous mothers can greatly appreciate a weekend getaway that allows them to completely disconnect from the chaos of the city. There are charming places that can be visited during the end of the year and the beginning of the new year.

Keep in mind that for this kind of trip you cannot improvise. Being high season you will have to make reservations at least two months in advance and verify all the details so that the experience is exceptional.

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