Ghost of Tsushima: secrets and armor

A very famous action and adventure video game is Ghost of tsushima. This was created by Sucker Punch Production, published by Sony for their PS4 console. It is an open world, designed for players to explore.

The story tells the life of a samurai who inhabits Tsushima Island. It was released in July last year, and it already has millions of fans.

The name of the main character is Jin Sakai, who will be responsible for dominating the fights, the ghost roads and getting the freedom of his people.

Conquer all the secrets of Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima focuses specifically on combat and stealth, melee. To face and win the missions a good armor is decisive. Keep in mind that in direct combat, it will be useless to wear light camouflage clothing.

For your character to be protected with good clothing or armor, you should follow the following tips:

The beginning

You have to ensure that from point to point you transfers on foot. In this way, you will locate the enemies. Also, try to defeat as many as you can. The usefulness of this is rescue prisoners and get rewards. In the case of the characters that you release, these will serve to give you objects and give you new missions.

Once you start the game head over to: Technique / Ghost / Tactic / Showdown Streak / Enhanced Showdown. With this option, you can finish with three powerful enemies, each time you start a fight.

Complete the camps Mongols and the forts that appear to you on the way. However, be careful when they indicate that they are aggressive opponents. With all this you will start to constantly improve and update the armor and weapons.


Ghost of Tsushima is a story that is divided into various settings. Which, in turn, are subdivided into stories or main missions.

It is important that you have them identified before starting the games. Also, that you are aware that they are unlocked each time you advance.

Almost all missions are considered as stories. Nevertheless, you will be able to identify those that are secondary by their characteristic blue or gray background. The rewards, when you conquer them, will enchant you. Here are the most relevant stories of Ghost of Tsushima.

  • Ishikawa
  • Izuhara
  • Masako
  • Norio
  • Kenji
  • And one
  • Yuriko.


The video game has a large number of collectibles, there are more than 400. You will get them of different types, but almost all provide great advantages and improvements for the characters.

In this way, skill in the game will develop more easily. To win some of them you will find them in:

  • Springs: they serve to increase the level of health to the maximum
  • Pillar of honor: in these places are the best skind to use in the katana.
  • Bamboo stand: demonstrating the handling of the katana, you will be able to rise to the greatest determination.
  • Inari Shrine: chase all the foxes to give you talisman slots.
  • Haikus: find tapes and invent poems.
  • Headlights: by turning them on, you will immediately increase your legend.
  • Shinto shrine– Pray at the altars or complement the paths to get beautiful talismans.
  • Documents: With these notes you will get to know the whole island in depth.
  • Sashimono: Find all the saddles and pennants of all the clans.
  • Crickets: These insects, when located in the cemetery, will help you to better handle the melodies of the flute.
  • Mongolian objects: collect the junk that the enemies leave on the way, they will help you to know them better.

Mighty armor

With heavily shattered armor, Jin won’t get very far. For this reason, you will have in the inventory at your disposal an endless number of outfits for the character.

Each of them is trained with special effects, which you can also improve as you advance in level. For example, you could hone skills, increase generation, and minimize damage received.

Among the available outfits that you can select are:

  • The helmets: elements that are purely aesthetic. They do not offer any advantage, they only add elegance to the armor.
  • Mask: With it you can cover Jin’s face, this is also an outfit without any benefit for battle.
  • Armors: All of these pieces, be it legs, arms or body, are essential in fights. They offer great benefits with improvements to attributes and special effects.


Although Jin is a samuray, this does not mean that he does not need to learn new strategies. Because he is willing to do whatever it takes to finish off the Mongols.

To unlock these revamped attacks or techniques, you have to meet some parameters. In this sense, you will have to get to a certain point or defeat the leaders. Some of these most common practices would be:

  • Evasion Technique
  • Detour technique
  • Exploratory technique
  • Mythical technique
  • Adaptation tactic
  • Ghost weapons
  • Stone pose
  • Moon pose
  • Wind pose
  • Water pose.

Camps and forts

When the enemy takes over all three regions in the Ghost of Tsushima game, they take complete control. This he does in all the settlements, forts and camps that we will need to recover.

Doing so will earn you exclusive rewards such as Legend Upgrades, unlocking sections of the map, and various materials. Therefore, while you advance it is important that you go conquering as many as you can.


Necessary to improve armor and weapons. The most sought after materials would be:

  • Yew wood: ideal for perfecting the bow.
  • Iron: it is the most common metal you will find.
  • Wax wood: rare and difficult to locate, ideal for use on the bow.
  • Gold: When you decide to improve the katana you have to count on this precious metal.
  • Steel: swordsmen long to achieve it.
  • Leather: upgrade weapons because it is quite sturdy.
  • Provisions: it is the traditional currency used on the island.
  • Silk: ideal for making outfits, because it is considered a fairly delicate fabric.
  • Skins: especially those of wild animals or predators that are used to manufacture projectiles.
  • Flowers: They are used to buy dyes and tend to grow all over the island.

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