Georgia: a trip to the country of wine

Georgia is a very young country, barely celebrating its 27th anniversary of independence. However, its capital is a village more than 1,500 years old and the country is replete with medieval history.

The country was until recently a tourist destination to which only people from some countries of the former Soviet sphere had access, and which, moreover, was quite unknown to Latin America and the Caribbean.

That little by little has been changing, and at present it receives more than 4 million tourists from all over the world and the government is taking impulse measures that allow to position the small and young republic within the world tourist map.

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Georgia: a country hard to define

Geographically, Georgia is located in Asia, as it is located on the southern Caucasus mountains, although many insist that it is in Europe, because of its borders with Russia. Being located in a strategic area between Asia and Europe, was part of the Silk Road.

Georgia ancient wine culture

As a culture, the country is a small Christian territory in the middle of a mostly Muslim area, while it receives much European and Middle Eastern influence, which offers it an exotic touch.

Its capital, is more than 1,500 years old and is quite peculiar, being a narrow valley and having a waterfall right in the historic center of the city, in addition to different sources of hot springs, whose infrastructure is evidence of its medieval past.

In addition, it is an uninhibited city. Proof of this, the fact that when leaving its most orthodox cathedral, we find a wine library.

Much of the country is made up of churches and monasteries more than 1,000 years old, with deep Christian roots. Mtskheta, historical capital of the ancient kingdom of Iberia, is a city museum that looks like the scenography of the series “Game of Thrones”. Here is the Orthodox cathedral of Svetitskhoveli, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

It has an ancient wine culture

When you arrive in the capital, the reception is made by the statue of “Mother Georgia, holding a large glass of wine in one hand and a sword in the other. This is where excellent wines are produced and winemaking is not new, as they have been consuming wine for some 9,000 years.

the country of wine

In fact, a curious fact that surely only the real wine lovers know, is that Georgia is the cradle of the first wines. Scientists have found pieces of vessels with remains of tartaric acid, which means that they were containers that were used to make wine.

A decade ago, it was a convulsed, insecure and one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Today, it is a safe destination, whose historic centre has been completely renovated and seeks to gain its own space within the global tourism landscape with an interesting proposal, capable of competing with destinations such as Prague.

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