Genshin Impact cheats: how to get protogems and artifacts

If you want to get the largest number of protogems, you must know these Genshin Impact cheats. The gameplay is about reaching a large amount to win the games. This is why it is necessary that you know the best way to find them.

In the course of all levels are obtained. However, there is also the option to pay for them, even so Ideally, they should be free. Obtaining it may not be a simple job, but it will be worth a try.

The great tricks of Genshin Impact

In this adventurous game, there are many surprises, missions and, of course, enemies. Therefore, it is of great importance that you have the largest number of characters at your disposal.

However, to meet the objective and get improvements or protagonists, protogems are required. Therefore, below, we mention the best way to obtain them:

Complete all missions

It is the most basic part and you will simply have to move forward and overcome all obstacles they come forward. In most missions you are awarded multiple protogems.

On the other hand, you can also raise the adventure level to claim rewards from the group “Adventurers of Mondstadt”. In each mission of this type, various protogems are gathered. Also, when activate teleportation points or opening treasures you will almost certainly find even a small amount.

When you complete the domains between the rewards, a few also come. At the end of the chapters of the Adventurer’s Manual they give you some as a reward. You get this guide after completing the missions of the first prologue.

When you travel the world in your walk, some pillars will appear. Which usually activate short challenges, which if you manage to finish them will give you protogems. Similarly, there is the Paimon section in the pause menu. There are a lot of these there, and when you complete them all, they give you these coins.

Log in

Among the tricks of Genshin Impact is that of Start session daily. Because, the platform grants a special bonus to the players every time they enter the video game. So daily you can become a creditor of one hundred and sixty protogems.

To claim this type of reward, it is important that you pay attention to the messages of the game. Also, as a recommendation for the future, constantly check notifications or emails, they may soon surprise you with new surprises.

Redeem the codes

Protogems can also be yours through the code redemption. However, keep in mind that at any moment these digits may lose their validity and will stop working. Visit the main page and check them all, maybe one of them works and you will receive bonuses.

Online events

It is one of Genshin Impact’s tricks to gather protogems. From the moment you reach level 10, you have the possibility to participate in their online event.

You will be amazed at all the rewards you could earn from this phenomenal sponsorship. The best of all is that you can get them completely free.

Genshin Impact tricks to gather artifacts

Artifacts, like weapons, They are located in various chests throughout the worlds of the video game. These are awarded as a prize, after completing some missions or when making a test of the guachapon. The type that you can find is completely random, so the determinant would be to be lucky.

There are simple versions of artifacts and others more powerful or sophisticated. Therefore, below we detail some of them, and the prizes that are achieved with their use.

Rate and bonuses

The rewards that each artifact provides are different for each type and depend on certain factors. Generally, they vary according to the group to which they belong and the benefits they provide, such as:

  • Flowers: its main utility is to increase the character’s lives to the maximum level. There is the Berserker Rose or the Exile’s Flower, they are the most powerful. They have unique benefits such as increased ATK, critical chance, elemental mastery, among others.
  • Feathers: necessary to optimize the attacks of the user who has them. The most powerful is the Berserker’s Feather which gives extra health and raises DEF.
  • Clock: greatly increases elemental mastery. Of course, the best is the Berserker’s Watch which completes the player’s health level, recharges energy and ATK.
  • Crown: in this group are caps, bracelets and tiaras, all ideal for healing and increasing the percentage of life. Some are the Exile’s Diadem, and the Trainer’s Cap, both perfect for attack and defense.
  • Chalices: they refer to cups that are used to increase the protection of the base. Among the most found are: the Instructor’s Teacup that recharges elemental mastery and energy. As well as, we can mention the Martial Artist’s Wine Glass, which optimizes the DEF and ATQ.

Artifact update

For the PS4, you must look for the icon and click on the triangle that appears on your controller. From there you can choose to use one or three star elements, or if you just need to improve the character.

You can also use purple crystals, in case you run out of other types of objects.

From the moment you reach the maximum level, if you have the necessary materials you can ascend. You can only do this in the option located in the lower right area of ​​the screen. One of the perfect Genshin Impact tricks for this is to stand on top of them and click R3.

Next, a list with the locations and methods for obtaining the update will be displayed. By pressing it will take you to the map and mark the correct place. This way, you just have to get closer and try to get that material.

Most of the time it is a flower or its derivatives, which is necessary for your device to be renewed to a higher level. And in this way make the bonuses you receive better.

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