Gaming laptops, maximum performance in the smallest possible space

Most of our readers enjoy video games through the PC platform. In the past this meant having a tower, but Currently the alternative of gaming laptops is increasingly on the rise. This is due to the great evolution that they have experienced in recent years.

Are gaming laptops that expensive?

Gamer laptops have been around for a long time. However, they were once an extremely expensive option, even more so than tabletop alternatives. And it is that manufacturers were forced to do real technological juggling to equip their products with the necessary hardware to move games smoothly.

Quite the opposite is happening today. In fact, although popular thinking is that they are very expensive, Nowadays there are comparisons of cheap gaming laptops like the one on in which you can buy your portable setup for very little money.

For example, loading times have been exponentially reduced following the penetration of SSDs. It is a memory unit that was really expensive in the past, while today more and more notebooks destined for the field of games choose to integrate it almost without making their prices more expensive.

One of the factors in which desktops, historically, had always been better than gaming laptops was related to the graphics card. Fortunately, this area has also evolved in a matter of a decade. So much so that in 2019 it is possible to find laptops with graphics cards with a performance very similar to that of desktop computers.

But how is it possible that all of this is kept at a suitable temperature despite the limited space of portable computing equipment? It is undeniable that in other times it was completely unviable, although the situation changed as a result of the advances in the refrigeration sector.

Just as in the past the cooling bases were essential to enjoy long video game sessions with a laptop, today they can be expendable thanks to the fact that the computers, by themselves, are capable of regulate the temperature of its various components. In this way, the useful life of the assemblies is considerably lengthened.

All this means that, for example, enjoying the demanding Red Dead Redemption 2 results in an identical experience on a technical level regardless of whether it takes place on a desktop computer or on a laptop designed for gaming.

In short, having an inexpensive gaming laptop in the end is a matter of asking whether the use that is going to be given makes the computer have to be portable yes or yes, and whether in addition to playing games, we are going to use it to carry out other types of work.

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