Gaming boom during quarantine

With the health emergency caused by the pandemic of the COVID-19, people’s habits and behaviors have changed a bit. If video games were already a very popular form of entertainment, in the middle of the quarantine they have had, without a doubt, an impressive boom.

Millions of people are in confinement trying to contain the spread of the viral disease. Given this scenario, video games have become a great ally for fun for entire families. Internet traffic increased considerably, mainly due to online games and streaming content platforms.

Adapting to the new home routine

Most of the productive and educational activities have stopped or been affected in some way. Social interactions have been restricted, as well as entertainment activities such as movies, concerts, bars … so outings with friends, social gatherings and all kinds of celebrations have been paused indefinitely.

In this scenario, playing video games becomes one of the favorite activities for people of all ages. The numbers of game downloads on mobile devices have also had a boom, especially those that have a social component that favors interaction between users.

Do you want to take advantage of this trend? You don’t need a console to play online, but you do need a good computer specially designed for the activity. In this list of you can find the best computers for gaming, know its characteristics and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

To take advantage of the quarantine, and not fall into boredom, it is important that you have powerful and high-performance equipment, especially when it comes to eSports. It is essential to analyze the characteristics of the equipment and its components before proceeding to purchase any of them.

WHO recommends playing video games during isolation season

From the account of Twitter of the organization videogames were placed as an alternative for home entertainment that all of us in the family could take advantage of. This adds to the prominence that the industry has capitalized on by releasing some titles to collaborate with the home entertainment of the population in the middle of the quarantine.

However, when at home you do not share your love for video games or you prefer to stay away from noise, gaming helmets are an alternative to consider. Gaming headphones allow you to achieve quality sound, completely isolating noises from outside, thus improving the entertainment experience.

Although a large part of our daily routine has been modified, at home we still have diverse possibilities for entertainment. The use of video games has won the first place in the forms of distraction possible for adults and children thanks to the wide variety of themes available, in this way we will have the possibility of distracting ourselves while we take refuge at home and comply with the recommendations of the authorities in relation to the control of the progress of the COVID-19.

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