Looking for a game that grabs you from minute 1? Here are several!

We all know that the Internet is useful for practically anything, and one of them is for our leisure. On the web we can find millions of free online games that we can play from our computer or on our mobile, and on many occasions without having to download anything at all.

The problem is that precisely the variety of games is such that we can try from one to another without any of them finishing convincing us. To enjoy a game, you have to take into account your personal tastes, and its quality. So next we are going to offer the information of some of the most interesting games we have on the internet, to learn more about them and make a good decision that does not waste our time.


It is a modern and digital version of the classic Snake. The game consists of controlling a snake, with the mission of eating other smaller ones that allow you to make yourself bigger while preventing other larger ones from eating you. Playing a single game without more is practically impossible, since this game has a lot of hook.

Cookie Clicker

This is the “clicker game” that started it all. In Cooke Clicker the only mission is to click non-stop, to create cookies. The player gradually unlocks power-ups or upgrades, and soon realizes that they have spent hours creating virtual cookies. Here is something else guaranteed besides fun: a lot of hunger.

Doom 1

It is one of the first FPS, and it is available to play for free online from the browser. Doom 1 includes all levels, difficulty modes and also certain extras which are quite useful, such as the compatibility with the wireless controller. Without a doubt, this is one of the free electronic games that is worth playing, and a lot.


Runescape is a classic of online role-playing games, and the incentive is the missions. Here you have to forget about the typical quests, as each mission will be full of free puzzles, dungeons and surprises. It is played from the browser, but the client must be installed first. An exception that is nevertheless worthwhile.

Five night at freddy’s

It focuses on a pizzeria, the “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza”, in which the player will play a night security guard forced to defend himself from the constant harassment and attack of defective animatronic animals. The way to do this is to follow the dolls through security cameras and closing doors, but these can only be closed for a limited time.

Happy Wheels

In the web version of this game the player will not only be a businessman who drives a Segway But you can also be a homeless old man in a wheelchair or an unresponsive parent with your child on a bicycle. Also a lady with a shopping cart, a man with a lawnmower or a couple on a motorcycle. Whoever he is, he will have to overcome a whole list of deadly obstacles.

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