From what age can I use botox?

Although it is not good to obsess over wrinkles or blemishes, it is quite natural for all people to worry about the signs of aging that appear as the years go by. Due to this concern for physical appearance, the aesthetic medicine market has been a trend for decades.

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures of the decade has been the application of Botulinum toxin, popularly known as botox. It is a dermal filler that is presented as a quick and minimally invasive solution to hide or completely disappear fine lines.

Certainly, given the concern to stop aging, it is increasingly common for young people to resort to this class of treatments in a preventive way, treating dynamic wrinkles long before they become permanent. Under this approach, some doubts arise, such as the appropriate age to start infiltrations with botulinum toxin.

What is the right age to start a Botox treatment?

The team of specialists belonging to the center Top Aesthetic Center, experts in botox Malaga, tell us that the most appropriate age to start this treatment would be from 30 years, at which time facial wrinkles have not become permanent marks, which allows delaying their formation and even preventing their appearance.

In fact, botulinum toxin infiltration is a procedure designed to be used preventively, since it does not have the ability to correct sagging skin when it has already lost its natural elasticity due to the degradation of collagen fibers that keep the dermis taut.

Being a toxin capable of generating muscle paralysis, its objective is to generate temporary muscle contractions in the desired area, preventing certain muscles of the face from folding and ending up generating what we all know as wrinkles or expression lines, mainly caused by facial gestures.

To apply these kinds of treatments, a specialist will have to carry out a complete evaluation of the face and skin conditions. Sessions with other treatments may even be necessary before making the decision to apply botox. This is done in order to ensure that the results obtained are faithful to the expectations of the patient.

Baby Botox: Botox before thirty?

A fairly frequent question is the viability of applying botox before reaching thirty years of age. This alternative technique is known as baby botox and it is used in candidates from the age of 20, to whom micro doses of botulinum toxin would be applied, which would act on some problem areas of the face, long before the first furrows appear.

Advantages of botulinum toxin treatment

This is one of the aesthetic treatments with the greatest number of benefits and few disadvantages, which is why it is widely accepted worldwide. Many people prefer it as an alternative to surgical interventions, since it achieves an evident decrease in facial wrinkles.

  • Quick effect. A session only lasts a maximum of 40 minutes and the first results begin to be noticed almost immediately, although in about 72 hours the full effect will be seen and the skin tension lasts for about 6 months, although this can vary from person to person. other.
  • Painless and minimally invasive. Its application is painless and it is also one of the least invasive aesthetic treatments, so the associated risks are quite low and recovery is unnecessary. Cases of allergy to the component or resistance to the product are few, but they certainly exist.
  • Outpatient treatment. There is no need to go to a clinic or go through a slow recovery process, since in fact there are no marks, bruises and the inflammations are very slight, almost imperceptible in most cases.
  • Applicable to various age ranges. It is possible for anyone from 30 to 65 years to receive this treatment efficiently, and even the specialist can evaluate its application in an earlier age range in a preventive way.
  • Sure. As long as the treatment is applied by an experienced plastic surgeon, it will be a safe procedure and will offer the right results. Otherwise, you could expose yourself to the use of unsuitable chemicals in terms of quality, which will be detrimental to your health.

If you are thinking of applying botulinum toxin, it will be essential that you go to a professional who will carry out a complete evaluation of the case and offer you the most appropriate alternative.

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