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People’s curiosity has no limits, especially when they have at hand a tool or some means that allows them to satisfy their intrigues instantly. Tarot has always created expectations in people who want to know details about their life and future, and thanks to the Internet, now they can know their fate online and for free.

The tarot reading is completely subjective, since each person will interpret in their own way the reading that is presented to them.

Each of us is different, so each card draw or reading will indicate different meanings to each one of us depending on how we find ourselves in that moment of our lives.

The reading of Marseilles Tarot cards consists of choosing 3 cards from the shuffled heap. Due to the complexity suggested by the fact that some of the cards may vary in meaning depending on what other cards are on the same draw or reading, their interpretation will always be different from one draw or reading to another.

But before doing that, it is important to know what this mancy is about and how it works exactly in real life, since this online tarot follows the same fundamentals.

What is the Tarot and how does it work?

In short, it is the practice of guessing the fate and future of people using a deck of special cards, each with its own symbolism and unique meaning. And although there are different types of tarot that serve to offer a more personalized reading and printing, beyond the original by default, all load the same essence.

Many people consider it an art; the art of divination supported by cards. Others consider the reading of tarot as a mancy, made by clairvoyants to unite the vast meaning of the different cards. It is true that all this art of divination depends on the interpretation of the Tarot artists, but the basis of the message given by the cards remains the same. There is no such thing as an incorrect interpretation.

Reading the cards can help clarify people’s doubts, regardless of their origin; this reading can solve questions related to success, work, love, family, and so on. And it encompasses all life time: past, present, and future.

Cartomancy began as a kind of game, and not as a method of divination, whose history dates back to the 14th century. Here is a very brief history to enter into context.

reading of Marseilles Tarot cards


The first deck of cards on record is from medieval Italy, the Visconti-Sforza, which spread rapidly through France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and Austria as it was considered an ordinary card game, one more in the pile.

But if we are talking about the tarot as a mancy, its origin comes from the gypsy culture, who were the first to begin to predict the future based on the meaning of the cards and the order of the roll.

The taboo with the reading of these cards occurred when a cleric (Gebelin), at the beginning of the 19th century, noticed the relationship of the cards with Egyptian religious customs and the practice of cabal, giving him esoteric fame in front of everyone.

Today, practice and consultation are standardized, reaching the point where many people consult television programs of the zodiacal tarot before beginning their days, although this is a general reading. For something more personalized, they can try the tarot for free online.

Current deck: The Marseille Tarot

The Tarot de Marseille is known as the original, since its cards were one of the first to be used, and its expansion throughout Europe made this set of cards the most popular for cartomancy.

This deck is very accessible and open (in terms of cultures), and their cards are very distinguishable from each other, partly thanks to the illustrations and also by the colors, being very significant.

Marseille Tarot

The deck in total has 78 cards, of which 22 are from the Major Arcana (in fact they are 21 + the card of The Madman) and 56 from the Minor Arcana.

The 22 Major Arcana are differentiated by the characters on each card, each with a strong representation that can be interpreted in different ways depending on the roll and how they interact with the other cards.

These 22 cards are the most relevant of the deck, since they are the representation of the fundamental, while the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana represent things of little transcendence, temporal things such as the material.

Here you can also discover other types like:

How does the free online card roll work?

The virtual card readings are based on the common tarot, so the procedure is the same, with the difference that in this virtual print only the Major Arcana are used.

In order for the reading to begin, three cards must be chosen at random. The order of choice is very important for the roll, as the first represents the past, the second represents the present, and the third represents the future.

The meaning of each card is paired with a moment in time, and their interpretation is what forms the prediction of destiny.

Major Arcana

The illustrations of each card of the Major Arcana represent the characters in a given situation, which is used as a basis for making the readings for their meaning.

tarot cards

With numbers ranging from 00 to 21 in Roman numerals, the Major Arcana (with what they represent) are:

  • 00 – The Madman: spontaneity, innocence.
  • I – The Magician: new beginnings.
  • II – The Priestess: meditation.
  • III – The Empress: creativity.
  • IV – The Emperor: ability to change.
  • V – The Pope: power.
  • VI – The Lovers: love.
  • VII – The Car: travels.
  • VIII – Justice: justice.
  • IX – The Hermit: difficult situations.
  • X – The Wheel of Fortune: control of destiny.
  • XI – The Force: force and impulse.
  • XII – The Hanging One: overcoming problems.
  • XIII – Death: represents change (not to be confused with the meaning of The Emperor).
  • XIV – Temperance: peace, tranquility.
  • XV – The Devil: free will.
  • XVI – The Tower: destruction, rupture, problems.
  • XVII – The Star: sincerity and good luck.
  • XVIII – The Moon: romance and sensitivity. Also femininity.
  • XIX – The Sun: light, nutrition, knowledge.
  • XX – The Judgment: conscience, individuality, perspective.
  • XXI – The World: moment of plenitude, harmony, happiness.

Each of these cards is interpreted in a different way and gain new meanings depending on how they appear in the rolls.

Minor Arcana

The cards of the Minor Arcana are divided into four sticks, being these: Cups, Swords, Wands and Golds.

  • The Cups represent the heart of people, emotions, love and creativity.
  • Swords represent courage, the intellectual and concerns.
  • The Wands represent strength and work.
  • The Golds represent the material, the riches and the recognition.

In addition, there are four cards representing the different stages of life: Sota (up to the age of 20), Knight (up to the age of 35) and King and Queen (up to old age).

Each of the cards plays a fundamental role in the reading of the cards, providing their meaning, interacting with themselves, to make a prediction of what destiny holds for each person. Using this roll, you can begin to become familiar with this art of divination.

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