Free Fire Battlegrounds: cheat guide to win all the games

Free Fire Battlegrounds is one of the best survival games, available only for mobile platforms. The game is divided into stages that last 10 minutes. When you finish each one of them, you move to a remote island where you must face 49 other players who also seek to survive.

Each player has the option to choose their starting point once they parachute. Basically the game tries to explore the map keeping you as safe as possible. All this to achieve the main objective, which is to survive at all costs.

Through the following tips and tricks guide, you will be able to win every game in Free Fire Battlegrounds, so that you have the opportunity to emerge unscathed and reach the final battle to surprise your enemies.

Cheat guide to win games in Free Fire Battlegrounds

There are many tools you can use to become the last survivor of Free Fire Battlegrounds. But at the same time it is important that you know how to use them to get the best possible out of it. So become the best player with the following tricks:

Select a landing site

This is the first of the steps to be victorious in Free Fire Battlegrounds and although it seems very simple, this decision can determine the good start of the game.

It is vital that you select a place that keeps you isolated of the other players, and that it is close to a city.

The recommendation is that you choose a landing site that is on the outskirts of a town or city. It is also important that you realize where the other players fall and then explore.

Another point to keep in mind is that you must stay alert and explore without exposing yourself too much, at least until you are well equipped.

Get the right equipment

After landing, you should try to focus on getting the proper equipment to survive: weapons, first aid kits, protection, among others. It’s recommended that at the start of the game, collect everything you find in your path and then you can determine if the found objects are useful or not.

There are objects that are vital for you to survive, so it is important that they are part of your equipment:

First aid kits

These will help you heal after a bloody combat, try to accumulate them to help you stay alive.


Helmets are an important object that you should always have on, since it helps you keep your head protected from snipers and accurate shots, during the game you can have access to three levels of helmets.


They are an important accessory, as they will allow you to carry the supplies you collect, try to grab the first one you come across and then you can change it, there are three levels.


Weapons are what will allow you to defend yourself and survive in each combat. There are a wide variety of weapons and accessories with which you can improve them.

Bulletproof vests

They will help protect you during the exchange of shots. There are three levels of bulletproof vests available and each of them can be upgraded to level four.

Perform scans

As long as it is safe, in Free Fire Battlegrounds it is fruitful to go out explore military locations such as: trenches, shops, watchtowers and cargo containers. You will usually find a fair amount of looten in supplies and weaponry at these sites.

It is recommended that you wait until the middle of the game to explore these places and not at the beginning, since there will be fewer enemies lurking and even if these areas have already been explored by another player, there are always things to collect.

Select your weapon

In Free Fire Battlegrounds there are different types of weapons, and which one you use will depend on your style and what you collect while exploring.

But it is important that you know the advantages or disadvantages of each of the weapons that will be available in the game, so that you select the one that best suits you.

Melee weapons

They are basic weapons for hand-to-hand combat and there are them from a frying pan to a machete. It is always good to have them available, since they can serve you when you run out of ammunition.


They are the least lethal weapons you will find in Free Fire Battlegrounds, however, collect them whenever you can.

Special weapons

These types of weapons are rare so, it is unlikely that during scans you will find large amounts of them. Among the special weapons we have: grenade launchers, crossbows and heavy machine guns.


They are weapons that you can use to take shots at close range and allow you to exterminate the enemy with two or three accurate shots. The disadvantage of this type of weapon is that takes a long time to recharge.

Submachine guns or submachine guns

They are one of the fastest weapons that allow you to finish off the enemy whenever he is at a short distance. It has some disadvantages, such as that its ammunition tends to wear out very quickly and is not very accurate.

Assault rifles

You will find these types of weapons semi-automatic or automatic, they are more precise and the most important thing is that there is always ammunition available in any area of ​​the game.

Sniper or Sniper Rifles

This type of weapon is the most difficult to find on the map, as it is one of the most lethal. It is characterized by being very precise and is used to make accurate shots at long distances.

The safe zone

Through the map or minimap, you can verify where the safe zone is located, which it is visible as a white circle. As long as you stay within this zone you will remain safe, as the radioactive storm is outside it.

Be careful when using vehicles

In Free Fire battleground the vehicles will be of great help in the event that you are far from the safe zone. In addition, you can use them to move to the places where there is more loot quality.

One detail with which you must remain alert, is that when you use the vehicles you expose yourself, since they tend to make too much noise and the other players can determine your location.

Look at the minimap

In addition to being able to observe the safe zone through the minimap, this also can help you avoid some of the threats that you will come across in Free Fire Battleground and that they will try to avoid your survival at all costs.

For example, if you hear shots, go to the minimap and locate the red triangles, they will indicate the exact place where the shots are coming from. Explosions and enemy vehicles can be visualized by means of yellow or red dots in the minimap outline area.

Also, it is possible that you will come across danger zones, which you can locate marked on the minimap by red circles, identified as Danger. In what you see this label, run and get away from that place as soon as possibleIt is the alert to tell you that a bomber will pass through that area shortly.

If you are located within the yellow circle of the minimap, the UAV drones will make your exact location known. We recommend that you try as much as possible to stay close to the other players, but always alert so as not to expose yourself too much to them.

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