For gaming, speed does matter

Everything fan of online games is clear about one thing, and it is how important a good connection is to be able to really disconnect from everything and calmly play our game., a house that is quite simple since in almost the majority of Spanish homes there is a sufficiently or at least stable connection.

But more and more, games are more powerful so they need more speed to run smoothly without interruptions, since we must bear in mind that the better our connection is we better be able to lead the game and more enjoyment we will have in it.

For example, yes a video game has many graphics, the higher the speed we need, it is for this reason that we can find more and more internet offers with the packs of different companies offering higher connection speed.

Today if we want to have a connection that does not disappoint us and that is really fast and stable we must have fiber optics, which also has a price very similar to ADSL which is much slower.

Problems faced by the player

Online gaming fans have a common problem on many occasions, and it is that they cannot find companies that offer them a connection with sufficient speed for your games or a stable speed.

Since the dreaded lag, which is when the game stumbles on being totally impossible to play a whole game without suffering this problem, making it impossible to play, and even being forced on many occasions to leave the game without finishing it.

Instability in connection is another of the great problems of the players, which will cause a lag in games, or the problem of stay offline because it crashes in the middle of the game, leaving us hanging without any possibility of resuming it immediately.

For avoid these and other problems those faced by those who want to relax in front of the screen playing online with other people or alone, is study well all the offers of the telephone companies of fiber without permanence, data, speed, etc., to avoid surprises.

Hiring a service without permanence We can terminate our contract at the time that we are not interested or we realize that we need a higher speed to enjoy our hobby, being able to look for a new offer that allows us to have a good service.

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