Foods Highest in Iron for Anemia

The anemia is a disease caused by reduction in the number of red blood cells present in the blood. It causes symptoms such as asthenia, dizziness, irritability and weakness in nails and hair. This condition can be caused by some pathologies or by vitamin and mineral deficiency like iron and folic acid.

Many times this disease goes unnoticed, as it cannot be diagnosed without a blood test, but unlike other diseases, anemia is a relatively easy disease to treat and prevent. With a few adjustments in our diet, it can be avoided, or if we already suffer from it, if the right foods are included, it can be overcome quickly and without major inconveniences.

Foods richer in iron for anemia

The best treatment for this condition is the consumption of iron, currently there are many supplements available on the market, but they are not completely necessary, since there are many foods that contain this mineral, which allows iron to enter the body naturally and without having to spend more, some of the foods richest in iron that serve to eliminate anemia are the following:


Meats in general are one of the best ways to get iron naturally. Red meats like beef have a higher iron content than white meats like chicken, however, the best part is the organ meats, for example, pork liver contains up to 18 mg of iron per 100 grams, which far exceed the 2 or 3 mg that meats have on average. Lean meats are recommended to avoid entering the body too much fat.


Consuming a single cup of oatmeal a day can provide more than half the iron required daily by the human body.


The iron present in spinach is approximately 4.1 mg per 100 grams, so it is a considerable source of this mineral.


Beet is a special case, this is because, when compared to other foods on this list, it is the one with the least iron content. Even so, it has a high content of vitamin C and phosphates, which help iron to be absorbed more easily by the body, this makes it one of the best antianemic.

Beer yeast

It is one of the best foods to complement any diet, not only because of its high iron content, but it is rich in other vitamins and minerals, it is also very versatile, it can be included in almost any meal.


A single clam contains approximately 3.5 mg of iron, if the recommended daily amount is taken into account, only a few will be needed to meet the daily requirement.


Not all legumes have the same amount of iron, some have more than others. Topping the list of those with the highest content of this mineral, is soy, which is one of the best sources, for every 100 grams, it can contain up to 16 mg of iron. Lentils and chickpeas follow, with 3.33 mg.


Eggs are one of the best sources of protein, in addition, they contain a good amount of iron in the yolk, approximately 7 mg per 100 grams.

In summary

Anemia is a disease that can cause us great discomfort, a metallic taste in the mouth and tiredness, luckily it is something that can be counteracted or prevented just by changing our way of eating a little, by including some of these foods in our diet. .

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