Final Fantasy VII remake, how to beat bosses?

Final Fantasy VII remake It is a title that has been highly valued for its settings, characters, and invocations. To become an expert, you must follow a series of strategies.

To achieve your mission you will have to defeat the bosses and overcome all the levels. The launch of this installment was designed for the PS4 platforms, and you have it since last year, conquering new players every day.

Overcome all barriers in Fantasy VII remake

The saga, on this occasion, is incorporated with a fairly large number of final bosses. Although some of them you already knew from other versions, new ones were also added that are difficult to defeat.

In this sense, we want to mention the most powerful rivals that exist in Final Fantasy VII remake.

The Scorpion Sentinel

It is positioned in the first chapter of the game, to be able to overcome it you will have to use Barre’s Lightningt. So do not waste time to change characters and unleash all his fury as soon as possible.

To prevent, try to throw Steelskin on top of Barret. In this way, you will ensure that you have enough stamina and strength.

On the other hand, you can also implement attacks in Punisher mode and spells with fire. With its help, you will increase the level of damage to your opponent. Avoid getting too close, it can catch you off guard by jumping on you or hitting you with its tail.

If your aiming laser catches you by surprise, block or attack with missiles. You should also dodge them as well, but you may get a few streaks of damage.

The hunter

He is accompanied by various Shinra soldiers, and is known as the mini boss of chapter 2. He is a leader with power attacks, grenades, and defenses. Before starting the battle, you first have to focus on your fellow fighters, which include the Riot Troopers and a group of security officers.

With the aid of these, you can instantly drop position counters from the punishing mode. As well as, they could cast fire spells.

If the hunter is lonely, stay away from him because he can cause large-scale damage. This boss has an attack called Riot shield, which runs straight towards you and throws you as far as possible. You have to try to evade it to protect yourself.


He appears in chapter four of the Final Fantasy VII remake and riding a motorcycle. It is also known as Speed ​​demon, a hard-to-master and adrenaline-loving maniac. To avoid the friction of his sword at a distance, he uses the dodge and the guard.

Take into account the orientation of the pattern, since its cuts are always in the same direction. Therefore, if you determine the strategy, you may be able to go unnoticed.

If the rival is not close, use the triangle on the remote or what is the same, the L1 button. With this option, you will shoot powerfully from a distance and keep the damage high.

When Roche drives leaning down the tunnel, it means that it will start to release rays parallel to your position. If you have a chance to attack him, do it from a distance, shoot as you can because defense will be your only concern.

The Guardian Crab

This adversary boss has endless targets all over his body. PTo destroy it you will have to paralyze it and this is done by immobilizing it. Lightning magic weakens it, so in battle make sure you have some in your inventory.

From the moment the fight starts, the Crab will electrify the train tracks. Therefore, you have to make sure that your companions are not on the tracks at that time. After the current dissipates, you have to make Tifa and Cloud focus on the melee attacks.

Likewise, the fight can be reinforced with Lightning spells. The best way to beat him is to hit his limbs. Be careful of its EMP explosion, if you are too close the impact will be too powerful.


It will be a difficult battle to fight, the one made against this boss, located in position five. If you work With meditation you can get approximately six cards from Reactor 5. These are located when moving through the laboratories, just before facing Airbuster.

These items can be used to eliminate the boss’s weapons. If you discard the cores, you minimize movement speed, and the ability to attack via stuns.

Similarly, keep in mind that if you take the Big Bomber and remove its projectiles, you will end the boss’s ability. In this way, they could no longer deploy large explosives, massive damage, much less M.

Before the fight, you can also try to retrieve the random items. You will have the opportunity to decide what you will take from the Airbuster, everything will depend on the type of play. This is the perfect time to use the elemental matter, if you still have it in stock.


From the beginning of the Final Fantasy VII remake levels, you have to take care of the security guards. Because, the Iron Blade and Triple Slash abilities will be required at this level. Focus all your attention on this boss, known as the Reindeer. Try to maintain a constant balance between speed and defense.

He fights with swords and you will have to block all his attacks to force him to fight. This boss is passionate about attacking you with a run to get right behind you.

For Reno to get hurt, it will only take a few counterattacks with the Punisher mode. Make sure to block his cane because if he reaches you, he will not only cause you damage, he will also throw you out of control.

The house of hell

If you have already seen the previous installments, then you have to imagine that this option would also be included in Final Fantasy VII. Again, you will have to fight with the company of Aerith and Cloud, in a challenging and emotional battle.

The boss in this house constantly changes the weaknesses. Therefore, your characters have to equip themselves with the most powerful equipment. For example, Blizzard, Thunder, Wind, and Fire. You have to be careful of the windows of the Hell House, cast all the spells that can cause the most damage.

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