FIFA 21: the best young players and promises

If yours is football and video games, surely you want to know what they are FIFA 21’s best young and promising players. Those who meet these requirements are the stars who promise to be great examples. To put together your strategic plan, it is important that you know everything about them, here we help you with that.

In the delivery of FIFA 21 there are many players available. Although some only select the famous and recognized. But, you know, always all the options have to be evaluated, If you dare to trust, it is almost certain that you will be surprised.

Guide to choosing the best FIFA 21 prospects

To become a champion it is important that you consider the best young players in FIFA 21. But before, you must select a good club. With it you can play for several seasons, choosing entities of low or medium level. You also have the option of improve campaigns, until you become the winning team.

It is recommended that form a team with promising FIFA 21 players. They are guys who are just starting out in sports and have great potential. Also, you could notice your stats to corroborate that in recent years they have considerably improved their level of performance.

To make these tasks much easier in the new FIFA 21 they will have emerging cracks. In the same way, it is necessary that you know that the list has players twenty-two years old or younger. Of which, you could choose one to train him to become a champion.

Take note: these are the best young players and promises

To become a winner you will need to know more about the best young players and promises of FIFA 21. Above all, to determine, the positions they occupy and the potential they have to succeed. Among these, we mention the following:

Rayan Cherki

He is a young Frenchman, one of the few in his category who has managed to achieve a silver card. He has a rating of 67 and is a player who offers maximum and immediate performance. This is because, he marks a 74 dribble and 71 pace.

In the CAM, he enters with just two touches in power and the area, making final passes to the forward. The potential growth is located at +21 points, shot 60, pass 62, defense 20 and physical 58.

Florian wirtz

This is a somewhat more complex comparison of Cherki. Especially because of the increase to 74 in the pace. While the dribbling keeps him intact in the 74th position. This boy of German origin occupies the position of attacking midfielder.

Of the best players and promises of FIFA 21, he is without a doubt one of them. Its valuation is 68 and its potential growth is 20 points. Other player data would be: rhythm 74, pass 64, shot 64, dribble 74, physical 50 and defense 44.

Luca netz

This young man is considered in recent seasons as one of the pearls of Hertha Berlin. He works as a left back, obtaining a 63 valuation.

For very little investment, you can have this player in your club. He has 61 physique and 62 defense. Once you start with the routines and training, you will be surprised by the potential it has, approximately 23 points.

Sebastiano Esposito

If you are looking for the best players in FIFA 21, Sebastiano is one of the ones you need. It has a shiny silver card, being something beneficial for the club that selects it. For his young age, his assessment is excellent 66 points. Likewise, he surprises with a pass of 66, dribbling of 66 and 69 pace.

Over time, it is expected that its weak brand will improve, such as the physical one, which currently stands at 57. Finally, in relation to its potential growth, it is located on the scale of 20 points.

Aster vranckx

He is a young midfielder, belonging to the group of the best players and young promises of FIFA 21. He has a great indecision about whether to help those in the back or face those in the center.

His strengths are located in rhythm 71, shot 55, dribble 68, pass 64, physique 72 and potential growth 20. A little bit of training and confidence will become a complete MC.

Cheap transfers: young people and promises of FIFA 21

There are also some famous young people who are recognized, but are not yet so highly valued. Therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to have them in your club. Some of them are:

Mbappé, from the PSG team

He is one of the promising forwards FIFA 21 with great quotes. In its evaluation it has an average of 90, being able to achieve a maximum score of 95.

Kai Havertz, Chelsea team

He is a midfielder from the FIFA 21 tournament. There is no denying that he has a lot to give. His valuation is 85, but working hard he could reach up to 93.

Vinicius Jr, of the Real Madrid team

This young man has an average valuation of 80, but he can easily reach 93. So go ahead and select him, he is a safe risk.

Alexander Arnold, Liverpool team

This rookie footballer has a rating of 87 at the start, and can go up to 92. It is another promise, if you are looking for the best players from FIFA 21.

Matthijs de Ligt, of the Juventus team

Although his first year was not very promising. Today, it has already achieved a rating of 85, with the potential to increase to 92.

Francisco Trincão, from the Barcelona team

He is an excellent footballer in the Spanish league, his rating is 78 and goes up to 91. If you are looking for the best players and young promises of FIFA 21, Trincão it is an excellent alternative.

Upamecano, from the Leipzig team

This was responsible for the German team reaching good points in this last season. The valuation that characterizes it is between 79 and 90.

Oyarzabal, of the Real Madrid team

He is a player who promises to be the future of this FIFA 21 season. He belongs to the famous Spanish team and his average rating is 84 and reaches 90. A great bet, if you are looking to find the best players and young promises of FIFA 21 .

Rodrygo of the Real Madrid team

Repeat again this year, considered as the new promise of Real Madrid. His mark is 76 to a maximum of 90.

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