FIFA 18 Vs. PES 2018: Comparison of the two best soccer games

Rivalry in soccer is not only limited to competition between teams on the field of play, but for video game fans this competition jumps the emotion of live reality to virtual scenarios to make it feel much more vibrant and objective, as if you were really in the same playing field. In this genre, and thanks to advances and improvements in virtual reality, we can feel the same degree of adrenaline as in reality. This is where football and video game enthusiasts have two options to achieve this: FIFA 18 Vs. PES 2018. Which one offers us a more realistic view of the beautiful game?

Next, we present a comparison of the two best soccer games that for 20 years have maintained a rivalry to position themselves as the best in their category and for being the most complete in their genre. EA Games has opted for improvements to maintain its level of competitiveness against a Konami that rises, increases and exceeds its performance level every year. FIFA 18 or PES 2018. You decide. In this installment we will show you the changes presented by each of the versions in its latest installment. It may be that your opinion does not agree with some proposals of our analysis, but remember that it is only an opinion so any criticism of our conclusions we invite you to make them within the framework of respect for other people’s ideas and Fairplay. So, we begin.

Sound, soundtracks and commentators

If we compare the sound in FIFA 18 Vs. PES 2018, the truth is that we have it quite difficult. Both have stood out notably in terms of the selection of soundtracks and stars of the recent musical genre, as well as an improvement in the similarity of the sound of the stands, the interventions of the commentators, the referees and in the voices of the players . And it is that tuning the sound is a high-tech job in which both developers have bet a lot.

In the case of FIFA 18, in this new installment in Spanish the voices of Manolo Lama and Paco González remain among the commentators and in PES 2018 we have Maldini (Julio Maldonado) and Carlos Martínez. Those of FIFA 18 are considered superior in aspects such as the fluidity and quality of the comments over PES 2018 where the choppy audio is still perceived and sometimes an automated style in the speech that makes it look less real compared to the first. In the musical genre, FIFA 18 has been inclined to choose a greater number of bands and artists not all of world class but that has served to promote the rise of potential groups such as Wages from Bad Sounds, Stay With Me from the group The Amazons or as Yo Voy Ganao from Systema Solar. Instead, PES 2018 bets on the license of more recognized artists such as Linkin Park, Bruno Mars, John Legend, Jonas Blue, Blondie or Coldplay.

Game quality (playability)

Regarding the rules in the operation and FIFA 18 Vs. PES 2018 game design here both stand out in the opinion of most fans. The natural contact and the individual ability of the players have better control in this version of PES 2018 over FIFA 18. What can be highlighted in the improvements of FIFA 18 is in the defense of the ball that can fall on any player while that in PES 2018 always ends up falling on the strongest player.

At the time of shots on goal, FIFA 2018 maintains a distance on the shooting line, something that does not happen in PES 2018 where shots on goal can happen from any distance. In the case of corner kicks (corners) in FIFA 18, the reception area of ​​the ball is previously selected, something that does not happen when you take the corner kick in PES 2018 where when kicking the ball, the players closest to the ball have the advantage automatically. Aerial ball passes are also better in PES 2018 as the ability to get rid of an opposing player will depend more on our strategy with the ball. In the case of FIFA 18 we will always have spectacular saves and individual skills that we had already seen in the previous version; that is to say, there is not much new to see.

Graphics (visual improvements)

Giving it more scenery or making the images of the stadiums and players as close to reality as possible is a challenge and the truth is that both FIFA 18 Vs. PES 2018 have done quite well. PES 2018 presents much more similar in the face of the players, on the contrary FIFA 18 shows better the body and the movements of the same improving the tissue in the skin. Over the stadiums and the playing field, FIFA 18 would have the advantage by showing us a lawn where the smallest details are taken care of with a sharper image color, the same happens with lighting, depending on the hours of the day or the current climate, as well as On the other hand, some 3D stands PES 2018 has not yet managed to perfect it where we can still see the players superimposed on the playing field making it look unnatural and with less detail. What PES 2018 has perfected is in the setting of the stadiums.


In this section, FIFA 18 has the advantage and PES 2018 still has a way to go. The EA Games game has the licenses of all the main leagues in the world, something that PES 2018 does not yet have. When choosing in this section, FIFA 18 is much better.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that both softwares have made efforts to improve and it all depends on the user with which of the two they feel more comfortable and identified when playing. PES 2018 offers us a better Gameplay instead FIFA 18 is more complete at all levels and has all the licenses. It’s up to you to try them and tell us which one is the best.

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