Family abandonment of children to parents

Although it may seem incredible, today there are many documented cases of family abandonment from children to parents. This is because many children forget their natural and legal responsibility that in many countries is regulated by strict laws.

It is worth noting that it is understood by family abandonment of children to parents when a child deprives his father of love, affection and basic attention as food in addition to everything his father needs for sustenance, room, clothing and medical assistance.

When responsibility passes from father to son

It is no secret to anyone that it is natural for children to give their parents all the assistance described above in cases where the parents cannot provide it for themselves. In these cases of family abandonment From children to parents, there is the possibility that children will be forced to provide this assistance in person or through the payment of a pension.

However, this issue becomes even more delicate when abandonment It occurs when the parents have a disability.

The family coexistence of the father with the son who takes care of him automatically generates a series of problems that we will mention below:

  • Reduction of the physical space of the home: when the parent with or without disabilities must live with the family generating discomfort and tension in the coexistence.
  • Problems between siblings: when they mutually claim that one of them has more responsibility to the father than the other.
  • Rubbing with the partner: as a consequence of the father’s presence, especially if the father tends to meddle in the affairs of the couple.
  • Authority issuesThis occurs when father and son want to impose their authority on the grandchildren.

It is important to note that when a father suffers from family abandonment by his children and also suffers a disability, it is imperatively necessary to disable him so that his heritage can be protected.

This legal action for the protection of the father involves the appointment of a guardian who will become the legal representative of the incapacitated father, remaining under the legal obligation to watch over him.

In this particular case, the figure of the guardian rests with all the responsibility of giving the father victim of family abandonment by his children the provision of food, guaranteeing his interrelation with society and rendering annual accounts of the administration of the assets that he administers. before a judge.

Children and the quota of food and sustenance

It is a law of life that children, regardless of the age or condition of their parents, must provide support voluntarily, in order to avoid legal action due to family abandonment of children to parents.

Such is the degree of concern on the part of the competent bodies that many international courts have reiterated the obligation of children to give food and support quotas when it comes to children to their parents through definitively final judgments.

Although each person must ensure their subsistence, there are constitutional principles of equity and solidarity, where family members have the duty to ensure the subsistence of all members of the family who are not in the capacity to provide for themselves. .

In many countries, it is common for the elderly to receive the food and support quota, but there have also been cases of sick and disabled parents being victims of family abandonment.

However, it is worth noting that in any of the cases where the father receives the quota of food and sustenance, the need for the person to eat properly will always prevail in addition to ensuring their health and psychological integrity.

In order for a father who is a victim of family abandonment to claim his right to the quota of food and support before his children, he must comply with requirements in which:

  • There is a legal basis
  • The law decrees it
  • There is a need
  • The person really requires it

The law has become aware of all the cases, reaching out to protect not only the parents who are victims of family abandonment by their children, but it also protects:

  • Husbands and permanent partners
  • Between brothers
  • Between separated spouses
  • Foster parents

It is worth noting that all these cases proceed before the law as long as they meet the requirements of capacity, need and link.

Parents in a situation of family abandonment: where should they go?

When a father has the need to ask for food from his children, he should go to the following institutions or official bodies, according to his country:

  • Family Police Stations of their respective town or municipality
  • Regional Offices of Family Welfare
  • Legal Offices
  • Family Defenders
  • Municipal Authorities

It is important to clarify that the quota of food and support of the children towards the parents is defined by the institutions and official bodies with competence in this matter according to the number of children as long as it is checked if that father or mother does not have any resource or pension .

Are there sanctions for children who subject their parents to some kind of family abandonment?

Well the answer is yes. When children do not comply with the quota for food and support with their parents, there is the possibility of facing any of the following sanctions:

  • Criminal action for the criminal conduct of food non-attendance
  • Assume civil responsibility before the courts facing a demand for food

However, in many of these cases, a settlement is always reached.

The law above all

Laws for the protection of parents in situations of family abandonment have been forged in the different Constitutional Courts, and it has been achieved to a large extent that children must pass the quota of food and support to their parents, considerably reducing the abandonment and mistreatment of the elderly people by their relatives.

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