Fallout 4: Top Tips and Tricks

Fallout 4 is a game that takes place in the wasteland. A desert place, surrounded by various horrors and threats that lurk around every corner. For this reason, it is really difficult to succeed when going through the different areas of this game.

If you are a new fan of the saga, it will be very difficult for you to complete this title in its entirety. Therefore, we have brought you theThe main tips and tricks you need to know to make Fallout 4 A great experience.

The following list will give you a clear idea of ​​the most recommended actions that will help you on your journey to get your child back.

The main tips and tricks for playing Fallout 4

In order for you to advance in the story by playing Fallout 4, it is important that you focus your mind on the goal of survival, especially if you are a beginner.

What you should try to do is take actions that allow you to be a survivor. Therefore, we invite you to discover what is required to advance in the game.

Whenever you can, shoot

In Fallout 4 you will find some extras that will help you increase your accuracy when shooting. But if you have the opportunity to hit the target, don’t overthink it and take action.

Remember that as in all role-playing games, precision and damage done will always increase.

Use VATS when surrounded

If you are faced with a situation in which you find yourself surrounded by the enemy, we advise you to make use of the VATS system, which does not make time stand still. But will allow you to slow it down, in such a way that you will have the opportunity to analyze the situation and be able to determine what action to take, whether to face the enemy or flee.

Collect everything within your reach

By defeating the enemies of Fallout 4 try to collect everything you have on top when falling defeated, since in many occasions these objects can save you.

Among the items you can collect from your fallen enemies are ammunition. Also, you can find some rare objects, in the same way collect them, they will serve you to sell them or as material to make other more useful artifacts.

Try not to skip junk or help items

If the time comes that you are carrying too much weight and need to get rid of some of your belongings, try not to discard objects considered as junk, Although they have almost no value, they are usually useful, since they contain essential materials.

If you want to get rid of some things, you can do it with weapons that you do not use and parts of the armor that do not have much value. As well, Help items can help you when you least expect it. To avoid unpleasant surprises, remember to save your game regularly and before executing any important action within the game.

Remember to save your game regularly

In Fallout 4 checkpoints don’t exist, only saved games guarantee you save your progress in the game. When you are eliminated, the game will restart at the last point you saved.

Spend your points wisely

In Fallout 4, each time your level increases, you can choose what to spend your extra points on. You can decide to spend them on attributes or on acquiring some skill.

The recommendation is that you spend your points on the attributes that are related to the way you play, and later reinforce your skills.

Go fast travel

This option is recommended for the beginning of the game, when the player is an easy target for any of the enemies to reach and when you hardly have enough resources to heal yourself.

During the first missions, if you return to the site where you were previously eliminated, there is a possibility that you will find some unexpected surprises such as: Giant monsters, hordes of ghouls, and other wasteland fauna.

Your health level must be full

In most of the current games, the characters recover automatically, but in the case of Fallout 4, health cannot be recovered, unless you increase your level.

As this is an item that at some point in the game you will need to use, It is a priority that you always keep this option at its highest level.

Disarm objects

If you need to make an object, but you do not have the materials that are normally required such as steel, concrete and wood, orA quick way to obtain them is to disassemble other objects and enter the ruins in search of these materials., destroying houses, trees and any other structure.

Exploration is always important

In Fallout 4, exploring is one of the actions that will generate the most benefits for you. So if you take the time to explore each site, you will likely be able to collect several of the game’s collectibles, and through them you will be awarded different trophies and achievements. You can also improve the skills of your character.

Pay attention to the radio

In Fallout 4 the pipboy constantly receives various radio frequencies, and through this medium you can receive relevant information related to the missions.

During the game you will be told when the signal is received or when it is lost. Also, the game has available antennas that you can activate to access new stations, with which you can amplify the range of the signal.

Be on the lookout for rocket launchers and explosives

Rocket launchers are a lethal weapon that can kill you if your levels are lowered. At the same time, grenades and Molotov cocktails can put you at risk.

In these cases, what is advised is that carry out your attack from a safe distance, Even if it seems to you that your enemy is in an accessible position, these types of weapons usually do a lot of damage.

Get the weapon found at the end of the first vault

For this part of Fallout 4, more than a tip we will give you a tip, in vault 111 there is a box very close to the supervisor’s office.

At the beginning of the game it is almost impossible for you to get this weapon, but instantly after leaving the vault you will find Dogmeat, your faithful companion who can help you achieve your goal. Go back to the vault and instruct Dogmeat to go inside and find the box. In this way, you will be able to obtain the weapon.

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