Everything you need to know about laser hair removal

There are many resources for waxing, many formulas to remove annoying hair. Perhaps in winter we feel less need to remove it. However, in good weather, it can turn into an overwhelming nightmare. Constantly running a blade through the armpits or legs is boring, irritates the skin and also leaves options for failure.

How many times have we not waxed and, suddenly, we find an area where we have not left a few hairs? In fact, this area is usually a blind spot or uncomfortable place and it happens to us over and over again in the same place.

For this reason, more and more people are opting for laser depilation. Perhaps a few years ago it was something alien to most, which could bring fears or insecurities. However, almost everyone has some area of ​​the body where laser hair removal has been done. Because this type of hair removal is no longer unknown, many myths have fallen, it has greatly improved its technique and, moreover, it has become cheaper, remaining within the reach of almost any pocket.

Doing a small part, such as underarm laser hair removal, has become an affordable and absolutely advantageous option. Because in good weather, when we spend our days in tank tops, constantly removing the incipient hairs that appear in the armpit can become quite boring. Due to its low cost, it provides substantial comfort.

Disadvantages of conventional hair removal methods

  • RazorAlthough it is a quick and painless way to remove hair, and therefore one of the most recurrent, it is not recommended. Can create irritation, soap or foam is required, and it is not good to use creams, colognes, deodorants or other alternatives afterwards. The hair comes out constantly, the durability of the shave is basically daily.
  • Depilatory creams: It is a variant of shaving, so its effects are usually very short-term as well. In addition, they usually have abrasive components to remove hair, which does not have any recommendation for the skin.
  • Tweezers: it takes time, it is painful and very uncomfortable. Removing the hairs, one by one, by pulling, is something that is not feasible for certain parts of the body.
  • Wax (cold, hot, or warm): it pulls hair out by the roots, but its results are not permanent and the risk of irritation or burns is high. As well as the pain that this hair removal produces.

How does laser hair removal work?

“It consists of a strong emission of light that uses the hair as a conductive thread to reach the hair follicle, where it is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and transformed into heat, which destroys said follicle,” explains Dr. Manuel Iglesias Pavón, a specialist in hair removal. To be.

This heating causes the follicle to no longer produce hair. So we got to the first great advantage of laser hair removal: permanent.

Who doesn’t want to have a wax forever? After all, at what point do we want our hair to grow back to remove it again?

Advantages of laser hair removal

  • Painless Laser hair removal has become a painless technique. The skin is cooling at the same time that the heat takes effect and mitigates this sensation. So the hair removal sessions are not painful at all.
  • Permanent. It may be that, over time, some areas will have to be reviewed because an absolutely locatable number of hairs will come out again. However, we can forget about waxing in that area. A blessing!
  • Natural. By this we mean that it is an option that is not noticeable. For example, more and more men decide to wax, for example, their back. However, when the hair begins to grow it shows a lot. There is a feeling of wanting to hide quite uncomfortable. With laser hair removal, you are never half-epilating, so there is no forced or artificial feeling that there is a hair that has been momentarily removed.
  • Economical. Laser hair removal has dropped in price considerably, making it a valid option for many. Also, even if it is a larger outlay of money, over time it becomes a savings. Not having to worry about blades, creams, or products that mitigate skin irritation is an economic outlet in the long run.

Why are specialists important?

Obviously, laser hair removal is a technique that cannot be done by just anyone or anywhere. You must have professional criteria to avoid risks and accidents. In addition, a prior study is necessary in each case, because there are different types of skin and hair for which different formulas of this treatment will be applied. As always, it is important to put yourself in the hands of specialists to carry out these treatments. Going to laser and aesthetic hair removal centers like Groupstop is a safe value. Be calm and have the confidence that they will do their job with the efficiency that knowledge and experience give.

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