Everything you need to know about bitcoin

More and more stores and online platforms allow you to make your payments with bitcoins. This is a clear example of how cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular when making any type of payment. In this case, the star cryptocurrency is bitcoin, since in addition to being the first cryptocurrency created, it has been the one that has acquired the most value over time, so buying bitcoins is undoubtedly a good investment option . In this article, we are going to show you how to buy bitcoins in a simple way and discover the best application for bitcoin so that the process is much easier for you. On the other hand, if you have a blog in WordPress, it will also be interesting to know the price of bitcoin in real time, so having a plugin with a price table for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in WordPress will be very useful both for you, as for your visitors. This way you will know when it is more interesting to carry out the purchase.

What is Coinmotion?

Coinmotion is a very secure platform to carry out the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies. When carrying out these operations online, we always have to take special care in security. Coinmotion is a platform that is regulated by a public entity in Finland, so we can be sure that the entire buying and selling process will be safe. This platform is officially registered as a cryptocurrency operator by FIN-FSA, which, to understand us better, would be the same as the National Securities Market Commission. As it is a public entity, it is guaranteed that it has passed all the security controls to which it has been subjected.

Coinmotion has launched the first PWA APP on cryptocurrencies

For its part, Coinmotion is also responsible for launching the first PWA APP that deals with cryptocurrencies in our country. This progressive application is the most interesting for cryptocurrency users since it has all the advantages of a web page and also those of applications.

Basically, it means that this progressive page can continue to run in the background without you having to be inside a working web browser. Being cryptocurrencies, it allows the value of these to be constantly updated. It is as if we had direct access to the use of an application, but without having to download it to any device since we can access it directly through the website itself. In this way, it will be much more practical and simple to be able to carry out the purchase of bitcoins when we are most interested, which could perfectly be the moment when the price is lower, since everything will be updated in real time.

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