‘Euphoria’ season 2: everything that is known

This year is full of expectations, when it comes to film deliveries. One of them is the highly acclaimed series of ‘Euphoria’, everything indicates that we will be able to enjoy its season 2 very soon.

The famous adaptation of the Israeli series of the same name, has gained tremendous popularity. Well the plot covers a good number of important topics in adolescence.

What the series ‘Euphoria’ is about

Each character has an arc in which we can see various situations reflected. Addiction, prostitution, sexual relations and the search for identity. Also focusing on values ​​such as love, both self and towards others. And, of course, friendship.

An impeccable production, just as the critics have praised. Therefore, waiting for the next installment is one of the most anticipated this year.

Some details you should know about ‘Euphoria’

In its first season, we met several characters who definitely captivated us. All with a story that makes the series even more interesting. We see that focuses on breaking down taboos and stereotypes. Like for example: the introduction of Jules as a young transgender woman.

We watch the progress of Rue, Jules, Lexie, Nate, Maddy, Kat, Cassie and the rest of the characters. Their experiences, opinions, perspectives and ways of coping with the day to day, both in high school and at home.

All the information about ‘Euphoria’ season 2

In July 2019, “Euphoria” was renewed for a second season. Then everything changed with the Covid-19 and the calendar dates had to be adjusted. This is the reason why we hope to enjoy its second installment in 2021, Among other aspects, the following stand out:

  • The platform in charge of transmitting ‘Euphoria’ season 2 will be HBO Max.
  • Protagonists: we are clear that, Zendaya gets into Rue’s skin again, since the actress confirmed it. Through the social network Twitter, Coleman would write about a call to continue in his role.
  • We will see 5 new characters, who will give life to 3 young people. Two adult women will also appear.
  • It will combine the first and second installments, it will be centered on Jules.
  • Other aspects of the plot are unknown, but it is expected that it will maintain the same tone as the previous one, adolescence, its excesses. In addition to love, support and redemption.

The specials leading up to next season

Just before launching the new episodes, the production has planned to give the audience a couple of specials. Of which, one was already released in December 2020.

The first installment let us see the sentimental state of the protagonist, after it was abandoned at the station.

Although the following does not have a defined plot, we know that it will focus a part on the pandemic. Alluding to safe places where there are a minimum number of people. Avoiding crowds and reinforcing the importance of staying safe.

This special will serve as a bridge to unite the two seasons and adapt them to the current context. So we’ll see how the whole team manages to give us a new batch of chapters.

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