Elden Ring: everything that is known so far

FromSoftware is used to surprising us with their creations, as is the case with Elden ring, a game that has been in the making since 2017. His parents, Hidetaka Miyazaki and George RR Martin, have centered the saga on a dark fantasy, with opportunities for each player to create their own characters.

If you liked Dark Souls, surely this video game will surprise you. And although we are still eager to know when it will be released, we were able to gather a series of important data that gives us some clues about what awaits us.

What do we know about Elden Ring?

The story unfolds around a ring, which will be shown from the beginning. The name of the title will be responsible for giving the mysterious concept that defines everyone.

It is a work engineered by George RR Martín. This being the writer of the famous saga known as “Game of Thrones”. Among the aspects that stand out we have:

  • From the beginning, Martín will be in charge of giving the go-ahead to the ideas, themes and everything related to the project.
  • It will be a 3D action role-playing game.
  • Each player will have the possibility to experiment and discover the mysteries and secrets of the game.
  • Participants will be able to create their own characters in their own style. It will not be the typical game where there will be a fixed protagonist.
  • It can be compared as a natural delivery of Dark Souls.
  • It will have strong bosses.
  • The myths in the structure will be the protagonists.
  • Each of the characters will be surrounded by enigmas and elements.
  • It will have modalities that cannot be executed in Dark Souls.
  • The creators have tried to maintain high quality standards.
  • FromSoftware will experience different game formulas.
  • The roles and components will have a special attention.
  • It will have many weapons and strategies to deal with enemies.
  • Magic will be part of the battles.
  • Regarding the levels and the design, they will have a particular connection so that the player can take charge of each game.

A game of great magnitude

We can see a completely free world. With mechanics, such as the ability to compete and horsemanship. However, unlike other games of its kind, it will not have scenarios populated by other inactive characters.

The Elden Ring video game represents a larger scale than that experienced with other FromSoftware works. Without a doubt, it is a fairly large title, in relation to the net volume it represents.

But what can we expect? The development of adventures in a world full of threats, dangers and a great deal of mystery. As well as, it will have different areas, ideal for exploring, while you ride. You will have to face enemies during your journey.

At no time will he leave aside the combat that will characterize him. The game is specifically focused on different RPG elements, that is, role mechanisms, where participants take on a role and play a character. These players can be developed by fictional stories that are built, depending on the strategic decisions of each game.

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