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The Egyptian Tarot: The Egyptian Card Reading Online Completely Free

The Egyptian tarot is one of the many variations that exist of this method for clairvoyance, and it is probably one of the oldest that exist. They represent a mixture of astrology and numerology that are complemented with images of deities adored by this civilization and by hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt.

Through the Egyptian tarot we can give answers to loose ends of the past, concerns of the present and about what the future holds. The Egyptian mythology and its symbolism is so extensive that it works as an ideal conductor to clarify concerns, being one of the most accurate means of divination.

Each card is represented in a unique way so that whoever interprets it gives answers to the doubts that the consultant presents. Egyptian cards are handled differently from the rest, so it should be carried out by someone who has knowledge in this specific deck to achieve good predictions.

How does the Egyptian tarot work?

Each illustration in the cards will be interpreted differently depending on the person, in any case, are arranged as follows: top, middle and bottom.

The upper part, symbolizes the interior of the same person, a mystical or spiritual plane of this one, the central part, represents through human images the actions of people in their daily life, and the lower part are the acts that could bring consequences.

To make a reading of Egyptian cards it depends on six cards arranged in the form of a pyramid, three at the base, two in the center and one at the top, using the major arcana. There are predictions about the future, personality, feelings, mood swings and uncertainties in general.

In this tarot, the card, each symbol and figure arranged in it, is read from top to bottom. In the same way, the order in which the cards are printed is relevant, since it will determine the order of the answers given according to the different stages of life.

The Tarot player must have wisdom, in order to bring enrichment to the divination and to be able to link the illustrations of each card together with the life and doubts regarding it.

Likewise, a calm, silent and peaceful environment must be maintained, taking into account all the above, clear predictions will be obtained, the perfect mixture between the real and other planes, also of various aspects such as the past, the present and the future.

Beginnings and history of the Egyptian tarot

It is said that the Egyptian God Thot, who possessed great wisdom, delivered 78 gold sheets as a gift containing great secrets of humanity, they disappeared when thrown into the river Nile. Some time later they were found in a pyramid of Giza, hence their great adoration for them.

Egyptian Cards Tarot

For the time, the Egyptians used divination and interpretation in order to find answers to all their concerns about life, what happened after death or the reactions of nature. They believed in mythological beings and gods that were made up of humans with parts of animals such as cats or reptiles.

Archaeological discoveries discovered that their beliefs about life after death and all its symbology were so well forged that they organized great and luxurious rituals in funerals, which could involve burying those who left real life along with their jewelry and pets, so that they could continue enjoying them in whatever the next plane offered them. In addition to many other rituals, representations and writings, which became part of its symbolism and served as inspiration to form this deck.

How the Egyptian charts are composed and their symbology

The Tarot of the Egyptians is composed of 78 cards that are divided into two groups, major arcana and minor arcana.

Major Arcana

This group is made up of 22 numbered cards, each of which has great importance in the reading. In doing so, 4 of these cards are available. For the major arcana, the upper, central and lower parts of each card are taken into account, in order to obtain a complete divination with each part represented in the illustration, that is to say, in each one there is a variety of symbolisms.

● There are two cards used to define people, if it is a man the card I is used. The Magician – The Man, and if it is a woman the II. The Priestess – The Woman of the Magician.

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The cards

● III. The Empress – Divine Mother, IV. The Emperor, V. The Hierarch – The Rigor – The Law, VI. Indecision – The Lover, VII. The Triumph – The Chariot of War and VIII. Justice – The Arcane of Job, are inspired by the creation of the world.

● IX. The Hermit – Inaction, X. Retribution – The Wheel of Fortune, XI. Persuasion – The Lion Tamed and XII. The Apostolate – The Sacrifice, symbolize the cardinal points.

● XIII. Immortality – Death and Resurrection, XIV. The Temperance – Marriage, association, XV. The Passion – Typhoon Baphomet, XVI. The Fulminated Tower – Fragility, XVII. The Hope – The Star, XVIII. Twilight – Hidden Enemies, XIX. Inspiration – The Radiant Sun, XX. The Resurrection, XXI. The Return – The Truth – The Crown of Life and XXII. The Madman represents different states of life.

Minor Arcana

They symbolize different aspects of daily life, there are 56 cards that complement the major arcana. Like the others, they are numbered, starting from the XXIII. The Worker up to LXXVII. The Renaissance, in each card can witness an Egyptian symbol, three planes: spiritual plane, mental plane and physical plane, a Hebrew letter, the planet and the sign to which it belongs, along with the name of it.

According to its reading, each one has a positive or negative meaning, this varies if it is interpreted to the right or vice versa. Likewise, the arcana present a symbology in their numbers, from 1 to 10, from good, evil, unity, power, consequences, among others.

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