Dragon Quest XI: recommendations and tricks to play

Dragon Quest XI is a game of the RPG genre, developed by Square Enix that can already be enjoyed by users of the PS4 and PC platforms. This title is focused so that the players live a legendary experience, accompanied by new characters that will turn out to be excellent fighters.

This game has the facility to involve its players in a story full of magical moments and lots of action. At the same time, it can become overwhelming for many, due to the complexity of some of the adventures that players must face.

For this reason, we bring you the following tips and tricks to play Dragon Quest XI, which will help you get the most out of each of your adventures.

Characters and their abilities

The characters in Dragon Quest XI have a series of abilities, through which you can select various strategies and configurations for your team. In this game there are eight characters in total, but we only know seven, each of them has a skill tree that is divided into different branches.

Next, we present the different characters so that you can identify the type of warrior you want to train:

  • Hero. Skill Tree: Use of sword, greatswords and unique skills.
  • Erik. Skill Tree: Assaults with side and group effects and robbery skills.
  • Veronica. Skill tree: Attack magic, whip and / or wand handling.
  • Serena Skill tree: Defense and healing magic, handling wands, spears and / or harps.
  • Serving. Skill tree: Handling knives, whips and swords.
  • Jade. Skill tree: Physical and / or clawed combat, spear handling.
  • Rob. Skill Tree: Attack and Support Magic, Claw Handling.

What are the best tricks to play Dragon Quest XI?

These tricks to play Dragon Quest XI will be very helpful, since they will provide you with the basic recommendations that you must consider to understand the actions that your character must carry out during the first hours. In addition, it will help you not feel lost with the wide variety of options that the game offers.

Keep a diverse team

Try that your team is not only focused on the attack, what is advised is that you distribute the skills. At the very least, you can add an attack expert character, one who specializes in defense and one who is a healer. Thus, you will maintain a balance that will allow you to have an advantage in each fight you face.

Lead your team

In Dragon Quest XI you will have to face a wide range of enemies, some more difficult to defeat than others. If it is a not so complex enemy, you can choose to allow the program to take the lead, regarding the combat techniques to be used.

Now, in the case of the bosses that you will find in the most advanced stage of the story, you must take control and lead your team to face it with the various combat tactics.

Healing you is better than reviving

If for any moment you think the situation will get complicated, make sure your team is at the highest standard of living. Any of your teammates can be eliminated if you take them into a combat with a low health level, and reviving a character will cost you more than healing him with a potion.

Collect any material

In Dragon Quest XI, materials are of great importance, since thanks to the collection of certain materials, there will come a time when you can make many useful artifacts for your team. If you manage to accumulate a sufficient amount of materials, you will not have to spend gold on the merchants. So try to store all the material you get in the world.

Constantly explore

In Dragon Quest XI in particular, exploration is of vital importance. The recommendation is go to different places, while you do a deep exploration of them. This way, no secret or hidden chest will escape you.

Another point to consider is that you must take advantage of any opportunity to face the enemies, and thus you will be able to level up.

Take a tour of the casino

If, during the 100 hours of narrative that Dragon Quest XI contains, you take a tour of the casino, you will have the possibility of multiply your benefits. In the casino you will find a wide variety of minigames and you can also get rewards at the counter.

Take this opportunity to invest the gold coins that you have saved so that you can now acquire the best equipment.

Make sure the characters are well equipped

An important piece of information in Dragon Quest XI is make sure your team has a sufficient level and with the appropriate weapons so that you are able to exterminate all the enemies you encounter. If you follow this recommendation, you will be able to move forward without much difficulty.

If, on the other hand, you realize that your characters are being eliminated, the ideal is that you return to an area where you can defeat enemies, while increasing the level of life of your team.

Save the game frequently

Generally, most players forget to save their game on a regular basis. Try as much as possible to save once every thirty minutes or in the event that you find yourself in a complicated situation.

Save your savings in a bank

In Dragon Quest XI every time your character dies, you lose half of the gold you have earned throughout the game. Therefore, the most recommended thing is that when you arrive in a new city, you try to go to the bank to make a deposit of all the money you have on top. If you take this advice into consideration, when you die, you will no longer lose your savings.

Spend only the necessary gold in stores

In Dragon Quest XI, if you arrive in a new area, you have the option of visiting the various stores that are in it. Most players waste their gold buying items that are not necessary, since almost all the weapons that they sell in the stores can be made by yourself and you can even find them in the surroundings.

The recommendation is that you try spend the gold only on upgrades for your team.

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